Arsene Wenger sets third spot in the Premier League as Arsenal primary target

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Blog Photo - Arsene Wenger sets third spot in the Premier League as Arsenal primary target
The Emirates boss Arsene Wenger has led Arsenal to a tremendous comeback this season. There was a time when the London outfit was struggling in the top half of the table, but now the Gunners are gunning their engine for third spot on the Premier League table.
Arsenal defeated Wigan Athletic 4-1 in their second last game of the season to strengthen their fourth place on the Premier League table. The drubbing sealed Wigan Athletic’s fate in the relegation zone, yet Arsenal’s fate remains uncertain.
Arsene Wenger’s side is positioned fourth, two points away from third placed Chelsea, and a point away from fifth placed Tottenham Hotspur. Arsene Wenger claims his side has set the third spot as their target for the season, it might be a late call, but Arsenal are certainly capable of achieving their target.
Chelsea has already qualified for Champions League action next season and since they are battling for Europa Cup glory, they won’t be worried about their last game of the season. Moreover, since Rafael Benitez is leaving at the end of the season, he really won’t care if Chelsea finish fourth as the Europa League trophy would reflect better results than a fourth finish on the table.
Arsene Wenger, who seems to have forgotten there was a time when his side was not part of the top-four equation, seems to have secured his place as manager for next season. Well, if he doesn’t decide to retire along with Sir Alex Ferguson.
Nonetheless, Arsene Wenger seems focused to rebuild Arsenal next season and do so by grabbing the best possible results this season. In his recent press conference, Arsene Wenger confirmed that he wanted to end the season on a high note.
“It is all open, but it depends on our result. Even third place is not out of sight if we win the game,” Arsene Wenger said. “In every single game until the end, for a long time now, we are in a position where we absolutely want the three points.
“I am confident because we have experience. We play for a long time under massive pressure and we have always found the solutions with the problems that we have faced. At the moment, we prepare for next season as well because the way that you play and finish determines the ability to start well next season.
“That is a big part, but bigger is to finish well and that is at Newcastle on Sunday.”
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