Ashes To Ashes

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Injury and sickness burned up my play last night like Christopher Dorner, and a better thing could not have happened. We have to hand it to the Nugs though. They were in a position to win the game at the end even though they were seriously undermanned. Cloes only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades though, and I don't care anyway because I was able to step away and not get hurt.



There's a ton to get to for tonight, so we better rev it up and get busy.



THE NBA (3-3 last night and 10-13 so far for the week)



SU WINNERS (5-1 last night and 10-12 so far for the week)




TOTALS (2-4 last night and 10-13 so far for the week)

OVERS - Hawks/MAGIC (198), Spurs/CAVS (207), Bobcats/PACERS (185), Bulls/CELTICS (181 1/2), 76ers/BUCKS (195 1/2), Blazers/HORNETS (193), Jazz/WOLVES (193) and Rockets/CLIPPERS (207)

UNDERS - Nuggets/NETS (198), Raptors/KNICKS (197), Wizards/PISTONS (191) and Kings/MAVS (209 1/2)



BUTTA (no play last night and 0-2 so far for the week)

Hawks (-145) over MAGIC - The opener for this game was Hawks (-3), and that's slipped down a half-point. So, it's getting closer to being a spread play but not just yet. You know that I usually have a problem when I get involved with the Hawks. They cause me a lot of heartburn and are generally a very disappointing team, but I think we've got a good spot for them here. They're 13-3 ATS in their last 16 games in this series and 7-1 ATS in the last 8 games played in Orlando, and in Orlando's case, they're only 2-11 ATS in their last 13 games overall. Hawks 106, MAGIC 104




1. Spurs (-6) over CAVS - The injury report says that Timmy, Tony P. and The Nose will all be available to the Spurs tonight. That's bad news for the Cavs. Spurs 112, CAVS 104

2. PACERS (-10) over Bobcats - The Pacers have now lost 2 games in a row, both at home and both in OT, and it looks right now as though they're having a little problem keeping their defensive intensity up. I don't know if that gets fixed tonight, but there's a good chance for them against the likes of the 'Cats. PACERS 106, Bobcats 92

3. CELTICS (-2) over Bulls - I think the Bulls are the better team, and I think they'll win this game. My numbers don't agree though thanks to the great roll the Celts have been on lately. CELTICS 103, Bulls 90

4. Nuggets (+2) over NETS - Monday night's win in Indy notwithstanding, the Nets have been stumbling lately, but they might be in a good spot here. Not only are Gallo, Iggy and Chandler sitll listed as "questionable" tonight for the Nugs, but JaVale McGee is also showing up as "doubtful" on the Denver injury report. The Nugs style of play doesn't lend itself to success in b2b situations anyway (2-6 SU on the road so far this season), but this is also the Nugs 4th game in 5 nights and their 5th in 7, and if they're shorthanded as well, that could be a disaster for them. Nuggets 107, NETS 86

5. KNICKS (-8) over Raptors - The Dinos have a go-to guy now since they acquired Rudy Gay, and it's been paying huge dividends so far. The numbers say the Knicks are the side here, and I don't like Toronto in the b2b situation, but there's just not enough "wiggle room" between the number and my projection to look at getting involved on either side. KNICKS 93, Raptors 82

6. Wizards (+2) at PISTONS - I don't know. The Pistons aren't that bad when they're at home, but it just seems like the Wiz have a hotter fire burning in them right now. Wizards 88, PISTONS 86

7. BUCKS (-5 1/2) over 76ers - From the Bucks recent performances, they just can't be trusted, and neither can the Sixers. BUCKS 103, 76ers 92

8. HORNETS (-5) over Blazers - The Blazers are on the b2b tonight, but their 4-5 SU record in that situation on the road so far this season isn't enough to "disqualify" them from a decent performance. On the other hand, the Stingers aren't a walkover for anybody anymore. HORNETS 118, Blazers 108

9. WOLVES (-2 1/2) over Jazz - Both teams are looking a little beat up physically right now, and all the trending data for this matchup accomplishes is muddying the picture. WOLVES 101, Jazz 96

10. MAVS (-10 1/2) over Kings - The trending data is all on the side of the Mavs for this game, but the number's just too rich for me. MAVS 108, Kings 81

11. Rockets (+10) at CLIPPERS - The number is too big to back the Clips as they play their 1st home game off a long road trip, but just like the Nuggets above, the Rocks style of play doesn't lend itself to much success in b2b situations where they're only 3-7 SU so far this season when on the road. CLIPPERS 114, Rockets 108



COLLEGE HOOPS (4-2 ATS/6-0 SU/4-2 TOTALS last night and 12-9/13-6/11-10 so far for the week)

Now that we've got all Div. I football conferences on board and available to us, Wednesday nights start to look a lot like college football Saturdays.



BUTTA (no plays so far for the week)

1. BOSTON COLLEGE (-250) over Wake Forest - I understand that B.C. gave it all they had against Duke and still lost the game, and they might not have much left for tonight. But Wake is a terrible road team and don't really match up well with the Eagles.

2. Miami-Fla. (-250) over FLORIDA ST. - The 'Canes come in to Tallahassee with a big bullseye on their back, and there might be a slight letdown for them after bulldozing the Tar Heels over the weekend. Florida St. just isn't a very good team though; certainly not good enough to win the game.

3. AUBURN (+3 1/2, U139) 62, Arkansas 52 - I only want to take the points and not the TOTAL, and there's plenty of reason to do so. Arkansas is only 18-46 ATS in it's last 64 road games and only 3-12-1 in the last 16 games in this series. Also, the dog is 16-5 in the last 21 games in this series.




1. DUKE (-11, O153) 92, N. Carolina 74

2. Purdue (+8, U133 1/2) 66, ILLINOIS 60

3. INDIANA 73, Nebraska (+23 1/2, O133 1/2) 62

4. BAYLOR (-8 1/2, U134) 70, W. Virginia 48

5. Iowa St. 60, TEXAS (+1 1/2, U133 1/2) 59

6. Oklahoma St. 66, TEXAS TECH (+12, U135 1/2) 61

7. Syracuse 63, UCONN (+4 1/2, U136) 61

8. NOTRE DAME (-11, O148) 87, DePaul 69

9. Providence (+1, U119 1/2) 60, S. FLORIDA 55

10. E. CAROLINA 71, Uab (+8 1/2, U152 1/2) 70

11. Utep (-3 1/2, O137 1/2) 81, HOUSTON 67

12. MARSHALL (-13, O134) 79, Rice 59

13. MEMPHIS 80, C. Florida (+12 1/2, O137 1/2) 69

14. SO. MISS (-11, U130 1/2) 76, Tulane 48

15. BOWLING GREEN 65, W. Michigan (+1 1/2, O123) 64

16. BUFFALO (-4 1/2, O138) 80, Toledo 72

17. Ohio (-10 1/2, U144) 78, C. MICHIGAN 61

18. Akron 54, E. MICHIGAN (+10, U117) 53

19. KENT ST. 71, Miami-O. (+8 1/2, U139 1/2) 66

20. Ball St. (+1 1/2, O115 1/2) 64, N. ILLINOIS 59

21. AIR FORCE (+3 1/2, O140) 78, Unlv 66

22. COLORADO ST. (-5 1/2, U130) 65, San Diego St. 51

23. FRESNO ST. (+7, U119) 56, New Mexico 54

24. WYOMING 63, Nevada (+6 1/2, U122) 57

25. Missouri (-12, U143) 66, MISSISSIPPI ST. 53

26. Mississippi (pk, O131) 70, TEXAS A&M 69

27. VANDERBILT (-2, O114 1/2) 71, Tennessee 57

28. Arizona St. (-2 1/2, U127 1/2) 71, UTAH 56

29. WASHINGTON (-2, U137 1/2) 69, Oregon 64

30. WASHINGTON ST. 68, Oregon St. (+3, U137 1/2) 65



YIKES! I'm not used to working up a sweat in the middle of the week unless it's summer and there's grounds maintenance to be done around The Estate. I think I need a nap! Have a great Hump Day, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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