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Astrologer forecasting Sourav Ganguly will be back in Indian ODI squad...

12/3/08 in Cricket   |   sydipto   |   respect

Recently, when Dada got retired from test matches a local Bengali news channel invited an astrologer in there studio. The Astrologer predicted that by 2009 mid, i.e, June - July our favorite  Sourav will be back at his place. Not only as a team member in ODI squad but as the captain of ODI squad of India. His prediction also says that Sourav will lead the team to World Cup 2011 finals....
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3/4/09   |   jitheshsequeira


12/8/08   |   sydipto

pooladasu12 wrote:
The best hero  and dair and dash person

I would be xtrmly happy if it happens as predicted. But u never know Sourav's mood, he may simply deny to join the team...

12/5/08   |   pooladasu12

The best hero  and dair and dash person