Atlanta Falcons bolster their lines with new coaches

1/16/14 in NFL   |   IvanRogers   |   1352 respect

FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Atlanta Falcons have not fared well this season and their owner Arthur Blank was sharp and precise in his words as to why the team had failed this season. He publically acknowledged the reasons why they failed but had solutions ready to implement.
Blank pointed out that the main reason the team had failed to deliver results was because they were not rough and strong enough this season. By that he meant both the offensive and defensive lines were a sack of ninnies. With all the money he had put in the franchise he made it clear that he was not pleased with the performance they had given in return. But the good part about the whole thing was he did not just point out and address the problem personally but said he would not just sit around and let the problem solve itself but would now take matters into his own hands and do something about the whole situation.
And even though the team did not do as they had promised Blank stuck to his word and started implementing changes to solve the problems. He hired coach Mike Tice to start working on the offensive line and they brought in their ex-linebacker Brian Cox to put some strength in the defensive line.
Tice is a good choice for working the offensive line because he has a reputation to focus well on that sector and can get the offense up and running, adding both strength and game to them. The Falcons last season were a failed franchise with respect to offense because they ranked the worst in entire NFL with that regard. By hiring Tice they get the advantage of a former head coach of the Falcons who already knows his way about the team and has a good reputation to build solid offenses. With him getting the offense ready, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan can now focus more on making the plays instead of worrying if they will work.
The offense was not the only thing that stank as their defence was just as ineffective as that. They had no pass rushing going on and the little that did happen failed miserably. With the pass rushing failing badly and the scoreboard going against them they had a tough time from stopping teams racking score against them. Hiring Tice and Cox is a wise decision on behalf of the Falcons as they are sure to get the problem solved and improve the old team.
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