Attitude Adjustment

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Well, something's got to give, and it's not going to be me. After a couple of seriously awful performances by the teams that I was involved with last night, I remain undaunted. I'm not at all advocating that just because I've hit a rough patch the last few weeks, I'm going to start throwing any old thing against the wall and see what sticks. That's a recipe for disaster and just getting dug deeper in the hole.



The principles that work, will work, and they do work. There is abundant proof of that, but as we've seen the last few days, we are deep into an adjustment phase in the numbers. Teams are getting tired as they trudge toward All-Star Weekend, and there are lapses. There's no other way to explain how the Wiz can go into Denver and beat the team with the best home record in the game. We're just going to have to work a little harder and dig a little deeper for awhile to try and find those jewels.



It does seem a little odd that, for the first time in about 4 1/2-months, we don't have any football to talk about on a Saturday morning. But look at that. College hoops will start to take up the slack between now and the start of the baseball season. The kids on the hardwood did really well for me last year going off at a 34-18 clip with my investments, so I'm looking for at least that kind of return again this season.



As a quick update for how I handle things with NCAA hoops: I'm only interested in conference play and only in the Div. I football conferences. I just don't have the time to mess around with all gajillion conferences that are floating around out there. The database needs to be built on performance for this season so not all games will be available for "action" until that is accomplished. That's going to cause some holes in the schedule early on, but by 9 Feb., all games will be "in play". Now, let's get to work on what we've got going tonight.




1. MIDDLE TENNESSEE ST. (-17 1/2, O134) over Louisiana - MTSU 80, Louisiana 58

2. W. KENTUCKY (-8, O132) over Ark.-Little Rock - WKY 82, Little Rock 61

3. Idaho (+2, U124) at TX.-ARLINGTON - Idaho 52, ARLINGTON 46



There! That was quick, but it remains to be seen whether or not it was painless. I'm going to pass these games, but if I was going to make a move, it would probably be on W. Kentucky or to the UNDER in the Idaho game.



THE NBA (2-7 last night and 17-27 so far for the week)



SU WINNERS (4-5 last night and 21-16 so far for the week)




TOTALS (3-6 last night and 20-22 so far for the week)

OVERS - Grizzlies/BULLS (176), Rockets/WOLVES (204) and Cavs/JAZZ (198 1/2)

UNDERS - Kings/BOBCATS (204 1/2), Spurs/HAWKS (197 1/2), Warriors/HORNETS (188), Bucks/BLAZERS (195) and Wizards/CLIPPERS (197 1/2)



BUTTA (0-1 last night and 3-3 so far for the week)

Rockets (-175) over WOLVES - You better get this one while it's hot. I hate laying on a team that's on a losing streak or that's playing it's 4th game in 5 nights and 6th in 9 like the Rocks are, but the Wolves just don't have anything left. They're a M*A*S*H* unit right now. With Kevin Love already out, they lost Pekovic and Shved on Thursday night, and now I'm learning that Donte Cunningham has come down with the flu or something and probably won't be available tonight. You know it's bad when it's a big deal if Donte Cunningham doen't play. So, I'm going against what my numbers say for this game and going with the Rocks. WOLVES 109, Rockets 102




1. Kings (-2) over BOBCATS - I was thinking for a minute that I should be on the Kings for this game. The 'Cats can't possibly win a 2nd game in consecutive nights, and they just don't have the offensive firepower that the Kings can muster. Then I woke up. Kings 101, BOBCATS 95

2. HAWKS (+4) vs. Spurs - Do I think the Hawks can beat the Spurs? No. Do the numbers agree with me? No. Am I going to get involved in this game? No. HAWKS 105, Spurs 88

3. BULLS (+1) vs. Grizzlies - Once again, I'll go ahead and follow what the numbers are telling me for this game, but only because I won't be getting involved. If I was sure Randolph was going to play for the Griz, that might move me to jump, and if I did, it would be on Memphis. I just don't think the Bulls are up for another grind it out type game against a team that's much better than the Celtics. BULLS 93, Grizzlies 85

4. HORNETS (-4) over Warriors - It looks weird, but it's hard to argue with this. The Stingers are playing confidently right now, and the Warriors, still without Curry and on a b2b tonight, might also be missing David Lee, who was injured during last night's game in San Antonio. HORNETS 98, Warriors 83

5. JAZZ (-8 1/2) over Cavs - I'm going to be watching the number on this one real closely as the day progresses. It opened JAZZ (-9 1/2), and as you can see, that number has sunk like a stone early on. If it continues to fall, I might be taking a look at getting involved. JAZZ 112, Cavs 90

6. Bucks (+4) at BLAZERS - Everybody seems to want to run down the Bucks, but this team is resilient and plays with a lot of grit. They also have 2 very prolific guys in the backcourt. The Blazers aren't a terrible team, and they do still manage to have a pretty formidable home court edge, but once this team's bench gets involved, there are just too many empty offensive possessions to ever feel comfortable about laying points with them. Bucks 94, BLAZERS 87

7. CLIPPERS (-13 1/2) over Wizards - Think the Wiz can pull off another big surprise for a 2nd straight night? Me either. CLIPPERS 102, Wizards 87



Have a fantastic Saturday, everyone! I'll see you again tomorrow.

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