Auburn Football 2013: The Tigers Are a Team of Destiny

Auburn Is a Team of Destiny

12/19/13 in NCAAF   |   Nick_Kaminsky   |   29 respect

Team of DestinyAuburn is gearing up for a date with destiny this coming January in Pasadena, and the Florida State Seminoles will be waiting; I hope they know what they’re in for.  

First things first, this team isn’t Cinderella of the big dance. Auburn has just won the Southeastern Conference, the same conference that has won the national championship seven times in a row. This just after going 0-8 in conference play last year.  

Then steps in Gus Malzahn: the high school football coach, the offensive genius. It’s an appropriate title due to the fact that he beat Nick Saban’s defense, while only throwing the ball 16 times. Let me also mention the fact that this is his first year as head coach for the Tigers.

Impressive would be an understatement for what he’s done after just one year. Of course, you can’t forget the miracles at Jordan-Hare Stadium, which almost seem like fairy-tale endings that Auburn alums read to their children at bedtime. The Hail Mary finish seems even more mind-boggling when you watch them throw the ball a mere 10 times a game.

But the Iron Bowl finish seems a little too farfetched. Saban challenged the ruling on the field to put one second back on the clock—the second that will forever haunt Alabama fans. I mean really, returning a missed field goal to beat the poster child of a college football dynasty? No way, this isn’t just luck.

To top it all off, this is the last year of the BCS determining who will wear the crown. Did anyone really believe that the SEC wouldn’t be represented in the showdown? After the Tigers beat Alabama, it seemed sacrilegious for them not to get a chance to play for a national championship. Sure enough, Auburn goes on to beat Missouri, while the Buckeyes lost their first game after winning 24 in a row.  

Did you know that the crystal ball has called the state of Alabama home the past four years?  That’s a scary thought after Saban’s new contract, not to mention Gus has also received some well-deserved job security at Auburn. It may never leave that state again.  

Whether you’re a fan of the Tigers or not, you have to admire what’s going on in the city of Auburn. While some may say it’s simply luck, I’ll state that what’s happened is far beyond it.  

I can’t wait for its fairy-tale ending.
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12/20/13   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

They sure seem to be getting all of the necessary breaks...