Auburn win the highlight of a historic sports day

November 30 was a special day in the world of sports

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Nov 30, 2013; Auburn, AL, USA;  Auburn Tigers fans storm the field in celebration following their victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide 34-28 after a 100 yard return of a missed field goal by  cornerback Chris Davis (11) with no time left in the game at Jordan Hare Stadium. Mandatory Credit: RVR Photos-USA TODAY SportsThere are some days when I feel for those who don't love sports. November 30, 2013 was definitely one of those days.

The final Saturday of November 2013 was always going to be special. Multiple steps toward the 2014 college football national title game were going to be taken, and several rivalry contests were scheduled to air on national television. Not to be outdone was the world of international soccer, where a tremendous player continued on his journey toward being mentioned among the best of the best in his profession.

November 30 a historic sports day: Welsh Wonder

One of the day's marquee events occurred in Spain. With Real Madrid missing Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, who joined the Spanish giants in early September, stepped up and had his best overall performance to date as a Galactico. Bale notched the first hat-trick of his Real career, and he also assisted on a goal via a perfectly-delivered cross into the penalty area for teammate Karim Benzema.

Bale hasn't just settled in at his new club. He is, right now today, the best healthy footballer in the world. £100m for one man? Worth every cent.

November 30 a historic sports day: Penn State shocks Wisconsin

How crazy was last Saturday? A 24-point underdog dominated and won on the road, and it didn't even make news. PSU controlled much of the action against what looked like an unprepared Wisconsin side, and the Nittany Lions ultimately held on for a seven-point win. That result assured Penn State of a winning record (7-5) for the campaign.

It also knocked Wisconsin out of the running for a BCS bowl game.

November 30 a historic sports day: OSU survives at the Big House

Ohio State at Michigan was supposed to be a blowout. Some were, heading into the contest, wondering if the Buckeyes should pile extra pain on their over-matched rivals in order to impress voters and potentially leap up into a BCS Championship Game spot. The only question left to be answered had to do with the magnitude of the beating.

Nobody told that to the Wolverines.

Michigan matched Ohio State blow by blow on Saturday, and the hosts made it a one-score game when they found the end zone with 32 seconds left in regulation. Head coach Brady Hoke, potentially aware that his team likely wasn't stopping OSU in any overtime session, elected to go for two and the win. The try wasn't converted, and Ohio State's national title dreams lived on.

November 30 a historic sports day: Duke Football

Duke winning at North Carolina on Saturday wasn't a shocker. The visitors were supposed to emerge victorious. That Duke came out of nowhere to earn a spot in the ACC Championship Game was a massive surprise, one that I'm confident in saying that nobody saw coming back in September.

Most believe that the Blue Devils are set to get rolled by Florida State this coming Saturday, a game that will be the final hurdle between FSU and a chance to win a national championship. Don't no-sell Duke. That team has won eight straight, and those players are about to hear how badly they are going to get crushed for a week.

November 30 a historic sports day: Iron Bowl

The 2013 edition of Alabama vs. Auburn was, to put it mildly, an all-time classic. A 99-yard Alabama touchdown pass. Auburn being given second and third life. This game had it all.

Irony is often cruel, and nobody knows more about that at the moment than does Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban. Saban campaigned for an additional second to be put back on the clock at the end of regulation, and he was granted his wish when replays showed that T.J. Yeldon had made it out of play before 00:00. Then, instead of putting the ball into the hands of quarterback A.J. McCarron, Saban elected to go for the win via a field goal attempt.

The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

There are certain moments that those who follow and cover sports say they'll never forget; Eli Manning to David Tyree, “The Catch,” “The Drive,” and “The Fumble” are just some examples. Auburn's Chris Davis sprinting 109 yards down the field is now ingrained in the minds of millions. Some will associate that jaunt to glory with feelings of elation, while others will wonder what could have been.

Thrill of victory Agony of defeat. Ponder the events of Saturday and the scenes that accompanied them. Those were examples of the ups and downs of life that we experience on a daily basis. Think of those who missed out on the year's most-thrilling US sports day.

Poor them.

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