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Aussie Damien Hooper hands US boxing team their first defeat at 2012 London Olympics

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Blog Photo - Aussie Damien Hooper hands US boxing team their first defeat at 2012 London Olympics
It was Damien Hooper from Australia who handed the United States boxing team their first loss at the 2012 London Olympics. Down and under in the third round, Damien Hooper made a stunning comeback to win his fight in the light heavyweight category.
United States boxer Marcus Browne dominated Damien Hooper for the first two rounds, but the Australian initiated his comeback in the third round to end the match on his terms and with a final score of 13-11.
Marcus Browne and Damien Hooper danced around the ring cautiously in the final round. However, Damien Hooper picked up the pace and gained an edge over Marcus Browne following a barrage of punches.
Marcus Browne had the opportunity to make this United States boxing team’s fifth consecutive win at the 2012 London Olympics, but Damien Hooper happens to be Australia’s best bet for a boxing medal since 1988.
“I didn’t listen to my corner (and) take it to him,” Marcus Browne said in an interview after the fight. “I did it for a little bit, but not the whole round. I had a one-point lead, and that’s really nothing. I definitely waited too long.”
Marcus Browne soon realized that he was the underdog against Damien Hooper. The 20-year-old was a quarterfinalist at the world championship last year and is probably the best boxer on Australia 10-man boxing team.
The fight between the American and Australian heated up as time passed by. Very few punches were thrown in the early rounds in comparison to the flurry of gloves seen in the last round. The fight also got a bit “dirty” towards the end.
“He was getting dirty a lot, trying to push, trying to throw me around,” Marcus Browne said of Damien Hooper. “No excuses, though. I lost.”
Damien Hooper recognized Marcus Browne as an “awesome fighter”, but he was aware of his stunning comeback as well. In an interview after the fight, Damien Hooper told reporters that he had more desire to proceed to the next round in comparison to his competitor.
“I could see it in his eyes and his body language that he didn’t want to be there,” Hooper said. “I was down a point, so I was a bit desperate. ... I thought I would have been a lot sharper than that. I felt great, but he was an awesome fighter.”
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