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The Philippines is basketball crazy country.  All year round basketball feeds the news of all Newspapers in Sports section.  For one, Asia's first play-for-pay loop, The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is the staple product of basketball, with the best Filipino players playing in the league.  This is year long, divided into two so-called conferences, the All Filipino and Reinforced conference cup.

Collegiate athletic competitions (UAAP, NCAA, UCAA, and more alphabet letters) are not complete without basketball as their centerpiece, always the kick-off sport of the athletic meets.

Amateur leagues and semi-pro leagues abound in the country.  And the Filipinos never seem to get tired watching budding players from the time of their budding teens up to their retirement days, some retired playes finding their way into successful political careers.

Basketball players are adored in this country.  Players coming from their respective land are especially adored bytheir local fans and accept them as their own as if they as their gods.  They are always befriended and girls swoon towards them. 

Sad part is the Philippines is lagging in internatuonal basketball comptetions unlike what we were before.  Hopefully with the unity of basketball leaders in the country, the Philippines will get back from its lost ground and recovered their bearing and be a part of basketball force again internationallly.  Filipinos may invade the NBA someday. 

We now have a Filipino head coach in NBA.   It's a start.  A great start.
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9/2/09   |   frances_11

yeah! Agree. If it could be just pure game and can be like any other leading sports and team nowadays..

8/25/09   |   robertraysalinas   |   12 respect

basketball in t5he philippines will always be good if it does not include money and politics in it...

8/25/09   |   mc_1721


8/21/09   |   nicole2711788256

My teams are the best

8/15/09   |   walterjarudz

i think d team i choose s fantastic teams

1/25/09   |   f13r22

Talk N Text defeated San Miguel Beer in OT to enter All Filipino Cup 4games to 2games

1/24/09   |   f13r22

the philippines will be back as a force in asia someday

1/17/09   |   drcsimp

 I agree this could be a very good thing it could attract alot more really good players to the NBA.