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11/24/06 in Locker Room   |   Matt   |   6 respect

Okay, So Best Buy is having a sale on a desktop computer for $187.99 and it comes with a 15" flat panel LCD monitor and printer. This deal is way too good to pass up so I decide to check out Best Buy at 8 pm on Thanksgiving Night. I get there and to my surprise there are only about 50 or so people in line and they had huge sales on a bunch of things, so I figured I would get a ticket for the computer at 4 am so I decided to camp out overnight at Best Buy until 5 am. By the time 4 am rolled around, somehow the number of people in front of me had doubled to about 100.



Well the thing was I had a backup plan. A sweet digital camcorder for only $160 (and its name brand too...regular price $329). SCORE!!!! Plus it can take still pics too.

I also picked up 2 cases of 100 DVD-R discs for only $4.99 each, a 512 MB SD RAM Card for $25, a nice camcorder carrying case for $15, and a 3 pack of mini-dv's for $15.

Was it worth it? Maybe, maybe not.

How did I stay awake? 1 Lost Energy Drink and 1 Sobe Adrenaline Rush Energy Drink (I've been up for almost 24 hours and am not tired at all right now)

Who did I wait with?
  • Myself from 8 pm - 9:30 pm
  • My mom from 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm
  • My friend David and his Girlfriend from 11:30 pm - 5 am
Will I ever wait overnight again? Hell No!

Please share your experiences...
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11/29/06   |   Momma T

Well I'm a tad bit late here but what the heck.


my sister and I decided to go to Midnight madness at 12 am at the outlets. Well we were thinking no one else was as crazy and most of it was clothing stores except the Disney and Kb outlet stores so we decided to leave about 12 and got there about 1 am or so. It was packed. Old Navy outlet was doing $5, 7,9 and $11 deals and all lines(about 6 or so) we going from the front of the store to the back. The same with alot of other stores. We went into empty ones then at the end stood in line for the toy stores. Never again will I do that. We make it back to town with just enough time too meet my mom at walmart at 430. I don't know if it was because they quit doing layaway or what, but we got out stuff peacefully and were paid and in the car at 530 am. Off to Target we went. That wasn't even bad. Then they drug me to Kmart and then I had to hit the Nex. When I got home from being awake since Thanksgiving morning my hubby was sick and we joked about who could nap first as he had been puking all morning with 2 kids. e let me nap for 2 hours before his trun. Man what a day it was but I have 2 more people to buy for and I'm done