Baby Mark Mangino Costume Returns

The Baby Mark Mangino Costume Sure Was Popular This Year

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I don't know what kind of parents would dress their baby up as an enormously fat college football head coach, but to those of you who do, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You make my job that much easier. Above is the second baby Mark Mangino Halloween costume to leak out onto the internet in the past two weeks, and frankly, it's pretty good.

Let's get a side-by-side comparison here for good measure.

I think the mustache could use some work, it's a bit too Hitler-esque on the baby, but it's still quite a solid effort. Bonus points that the baby is actually from New Castle, Pennsylvania, where the original Mangino grew, and grew, and grew up.

That said though, I still believe the original costume on some random unknown baby is the best one out there and may be impossible to top.


Solid work parents. Solid work indeed.

Brace yourselves, there's another baby Mangino [Deadspin]
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12/7/09   |   adamluckey1

to be more accurate that baby should gain 300 pounds

11/15/08   |   MCnine   |   7 respect

that is hilarious!

11/15/08   |   staffbb43   |   3 respect

at what point do you get up and look in the mirror in the morning and say to yourself, 'i really have a problem and need to do something about it?'

and it's a recent problem - when he was coaching under Snyder at K-State in the early 90's, he weighed like 250 tops