Bailing on the Senior Bowl could be a costly move for QB AJ McCarron

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThere is no doubt that Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron packs a great deal of talent along with performance and stats to prove he knows what to do with it. He has the making of a great quarterback about him and has the potential to improve to professional levels. His name stands out among the best quarterbacks to ever play college football. He is three times the National Champion and a runner up for the Heisman Trophy once. 
Keeping all that in perspective, there are still some doubts about his performance. Much of the success he has enjoyed has been labeled to be majorly because of his team and McCarron has been labeled as a quarterback who simply benefitted from being in the right team. Looking at the kind of players the Crimson Tide teams pack, the argument does gain a level of validity that McCarron was just another pick in a team loaded with very talented football players.
The Senior Bowl this week at Mobile, Alabama was the perfect opportunity for McCarron to prove the critics wrong and show the success he had was a result of his own work. The Senior Bowl could have served as the grounds to show practically what his performance was on the field. As every NFL team has their scouts at Senior Bowls, he could easily make an impression and show them personally his game. 
But McCarron has made the decision not to attend the Senior Bowl at all just like Geno Smith chose to do last year. And just like him, he might end up later regretting the move.
McCarron said that he appreciated being invited to the Senior Bowl but for now was concentrating for the NFL combine and pro day.
“I really appreciate being invited to play in the Senior Bowl. It is quite an honor and something I've dreamed about while growing up in the Mobile area,” McCarron said. “However, at this time, I'm putting all of my focus and energy into preparing for the NFL Combine, pro day and the rest of the pre-draft evaluation process. Therefore, I won't be taking part in the Senior Bowl.”
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