Baltimore Ravens on thin ice

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Baltimore Ravens are in trouble as their latest loss to the Chicago Bears has put their chances of making it to the playoffs something of a dream. If they miss the 2013 playoffs, they will definitely think of the 23-20 loss when they could have scored a touchdown to win it all but didn’t.
Even though the Ravens will analyze the entire match to find out what went wrong, there will be moments which will stand out that were critical to the win. There were two points where the defense failed after overtime had been called following the tying goal. One was a failed coverage by Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb which ultimately led to the winning goal and the oter was a defensive failure to defend against a typical Bears bunch play. Ultimately, what matters is that they lost the match and chances of making it to the playoffs are on thin ice.
The Ravens are by almost all standards out of AFC North for the playoffs. At 4-6, they are in sixth position and are still in the race because they will face the Jets at their turf after their loss.
To make it worse, the Ravens didn’t play bad against the Bears. In the entire season their running game had struggled but that game it was active. Their offense was doing its part and rushes were actually happening.
The defense wasn’t comparable. Its performance was limited and during the second half, they failed to stop a drive that ended in a touchdown and then there was Webb’s failure in overtime.
If the Ravens had put such effort in other games than this one and done something this season, they would have racked easy wins over teams like the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Brown. They would have had 7 instead of 4 wins by now and that would have made a big difference in the situation they are in now.
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