Baltimore fan goes full Ravens logo with his hairstyle

Yes, a Ravens fan actually did this to his hair

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Blog Photo - Baltimore fan That’s so Raven. There are Baltimore Ravens fans, and there is Mr. James E. Long,  an apparent Ravens super-fan who has shaved, dyed, and otherwise hair-sculpted his mane into the buzzcut version of the Baltimore Ravens logo you see to the left.

Sorry Polamalu, but you no longer have the best hair in the AFC North.

Meet James Long, otherwise known as @ravenmanic on Twitter. Mr. Long had that incredibly extreme Ravens logo hairdo – the whole thing is captured nicely on this Instagram photo – applied to his head just before this year’s NFL playoffs.

Boy, was this guy relieved when Justin Tucker hit that field goal in double-overtime to beat the Broncos.

Mr. Long even had Ray Lewis’ number 52 shaved and bleached into the back of his head. I’m from Cleveland, so forgive me if I just pled guilty to aggravated assault in my mouth a little bit.

Blog Photo - Baltimore fan The hair handiwork was evidently done by Rob's Barbershop of Ellicott City, Maryland. I'd love to see what Rob's Barbershop would do to a fan of those crazy new Oregon helmets.

As you can see to the left, the "hair logo" is unique and accurate from all different angles -- from the bleached raven beak in front, to the "B" on the side, to the black trim applied to the perimeter.

Additionally, Mr. Long appears to be rocking the "Ravens Hawaiian shirt" in the far left photo of that montage. Honestly, you've got to wonder if the man owns any shirts that are not Baltimore Ravens shirts.

No word on whether @RavenManic used Manic Panic to achieve these purple hair results.
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