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It sure would have been great if AR-LR wouldn't have squandered there near home court advantage in the Sun Belt tourney last night by trying to be too cute and too spectacular instead of being sound and solid. That's the way it goes though. I'm not going to get my boxers in a bunch over it. How can I complain after a 9-2 week to start off the month? I can't, and I won't. The only thing to do now is try to keep it going and extend it out.



THE NBA (5-2 ATS/5-1 SU/3-4 TOTALS last night and 31-23/39-12/33-21 for the week)



BUTTA (no play last night and 3-0 for the week)

I really want to get on the Cavs today, but I just can't bring myself to pull the trigger...yet.




1. THUNDER (-11, U201) 117, Celtics 83 - Things go fast and furious with the Thunder when they're at home, but I think the Celts might be a team that can "slow their roll" a bit. At least, the C's are a team that has shown great resilience and has had great success keeping these nationally televised Sunday games close.

2. LAKERS (-5 1/2, O194 1/2) 110, Bulls 92 - It sure looks tempting. The Lakers are winning games now, are back over .500 and playing with what looks like a sense of purpose. They have lived a bit of a charmed life these last couple of games though, and the dog in this series is 17-5 ATS in the last 22 meetings.

3. Cavs (+5 1/2, U202) 96, RAPTORS 88 - The bloom seems to be off the rose a little bit for the Dinos now. I'm not saying I agree with this projection whole heartedly, but I think the Cavs can keep it close. And I think one big reason for that may be that the Raptors are coming all the way from the west coast to get back home of this game. Yes, they've had a day off, but as anyone who's traveled from west to east will tell you, it's not the 1st day back that gets you. It's the 2nd day when the jet lag really kills.

4. 76ers (-2, U195) 108, MAGIC 93 - Another one that looks really tempting, but the Magic are off a 30+ point home loss to the Pacers. They just might bow their necks a little tonight, and how can you trust the Sixers?

5. Pacers (+6 1/2, U129 1/2) 88, HEAT 78 - I'm not buying this one for a second. I think the Heat have had this one circled for ahwile after the harsh treatment they've received from the Pacers so far this season. That's not to imply that this one won't be close, but I don't think there's any way the Pacers come away with a win tonight.

6. HORNETS (+2 1/2, O197) 105, Blazers 100 - The Stingers keep looking good on paper and in the numbers, but they've fallen off quite a bit recently. The worry with the Blazers is that they had it way too easy in San Antonio on Friday night, and they just aren't that good a road team. If anything, maybe the OVER is the way to look here.

7. Mavs 93, WOLVES (+6 1/2, U201) 87 - This is just the kind of game that the Mavs have difficulty with, so I don't want anything to do with it.

8. KINGS (-1 1/2, O215) 117, Bucks 113 - The Bucks seem like they're going on one of those little success spurts of theirs again, but I still don't trust either of these teams.

9. CLIPPERS (-14, O198) 115, Pistons 88 - Sure looks like a mismatch, but luckily "the price" is up there high enough where I can just disregard.



COLLEGE HOOPS (29-23 ATS/38-13 SU/25-27 TOTALS yesterday and 70-52/85-36/62-60 for the week)



BUTTA (1-1 yesterday and 6-2 for the week)

WAKE FOREST (-240) over Virginia Tech - Wake plays it's best basketball at home, and the Hokies aren't much good on the road. It's also Senior Day for the Deacons, but the reason I won't lay the number is the fact that Tech, for all their road woes, have had 3 conference road games go to OT this season.




1. WAKE FOREST (-5 1/2, U142) 74, Virginia Tech 52

2. VIRGINIA (-8 1/2, O122) 72, Maryland 52

3. Wisconsin (-8 1/2, U118 1/2) 63, PENN ST. 50

4. OHIO ST. (-9, U132 1/2) 61, Illinois 52

5. MICHIGAN ST. (-19 1/2, U121 1/2) 69, Northwestern 37

6. MICHIGAN (-1, O145 1/2) 77, Indiana 72

7. Middle Tennessee St. 62, Fla.-Int'l (+13, U133 1/2) 56

8. W. Kentucky (+2 1/2, O126 1/2) 73, Arkansas St. 62 - I'm not real sure about W. Kentucky winning a 3rd game on a 3rd consecutive night, but I'm kinda liking the OVER in this game and might just jump. I'll let you know after we see how the Wake game turns out.



There we go for another grand and glorious Sunday. Hope everyone remembered to turn their clocks ahead for DST. Have a great day, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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