Barca star Messi and his father accused of laundering drug money through UNICIEF

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Blog Photo - Barca star Messi and his father accused of laundering drug money through UNICIEFBarcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas insists there is no truth to reports suggesting Lionel Messi and his father Jorge Messi were linked to Colombian drug money. The Spanish midfielder claims the whole saga was a shameful campaign orchestrated by Real Madrid’s minions to defame Barcelona.
Reports from Mundo Deportivo and El Mundo caused a serious amount of damage to Messi’s case. Spanish investigators on the Messi case started looking into the trail of money from the “Messi and Friends” exhibition matches. Reportedly, Messi and his father are laundering drug money through such campaigns and business activities.
Messi earned 100,000 dollars from the “Messi and Friends” game earlier this year. All of the money from the game was sent to UNCIEF as charity. Speculation suggests Messi and his father are using such means to clear their dirty money.
It is believed that Jorge Messi will now have to meet Guardia Civil investigators in order to deliver his side of the story. There has been a lot of criticism on the Messi family as of late. The television and internet have become a hot medium to spread news and sentiments on whether Messi and his family are guilty or innocent.
Fabregas believes there was an ulterior motive behind this saga. The Spain international claims the in-form Argentinean hit-man and his family have been poorly targeted to boost the ratings of Real Madrid and their crown jewel Cristiano Ronaldo.
“There are people who want something new, who are tired of Barcelona always winning, that Barca are always the best,” Fabregas told Mundo Deportivo.
“They want to win in other ways, or for someone else to mark the rhythm of world football. Leo Messi has been the best player in the world for many years, and now it seems when he is a little injured, or something comes out about him, he must be the bad guy. In football when you have many times been the best, there is a tendency for people to say negative things about one player, in order to praise another.”
The intense rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid has captured the attention of the media once again. The situation might not be as hyped as reports suggest, but a negative spin on the whole saga by the media has increased the amount of attention being given to this case. 
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