Barcelona star Lionel Messi asks not to spread “strange reasons” for his injury

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Blog Photo - Barcelona star Lionel Messi asks not to spread “strange reasons” for his injury
Barcelona star Lionel Messi has asked the football community to put an end to “inventing strange reasons” behind his streak of recent injuries. The four-time Ballon d’Or winner insists he is experiencing a spell of bad luck. Messi claims no one or nothing is responsible for his run of injuries.
The Argentinean hit-man confirmed he won’t return to action this year after falling down to his fifth injury in six months. Meanwhile, media and pundits continue to speculate about the possible reasons behind Messi lack of fitness.
Reportedly, there are reasons for mistrust between Messi and Barcelona’s newly appointed medical staff. Rumors suggest Messi has asked the Argentina Football Association to supervise his recovery along with his club’s medical squad.
Argentinean sports newspaper Ole recently quoted Messi suggesting he was both sad and annoyed by his latest injury. Messi said that he understood such injuries could happen to anyone and coping with them was part of the routine.
“I am sad because I did not expect it,” Messi said. “And also annoyed because this is an injury which happened to me just after another. But not worried, seriously. This injury happened as it had to happen. There is nothing strange behind it, nor nothing to look for… A bang, a slip and I was injured. People can say many things, but my injury was just bad luck.”
Barcelona have assigned physio Juanjo Brau to monitor Messi. The Barcelona bred player also insisted that there was nothing wrong with him taking help from Argentina kinesiologist Luis Garcia.
“People talk about these things without knowing what they are talking about,” Messi said. “It is not true. A load of things are invented... Just so everyone knows: Juanjo is still the Barca physio, with more responsibility as they made him the boss [of the physio department].
“That is good for him personally. I am not going to say no, to stop him having that chance. Someone from the Argentina national team came to see me to learn about the injury. [But] I say again -- there is nothing strange going on.”
It is believed Messi’s injury has been caused by exhaustion, which comes from Messi’s desire to play in every game for his club. Messi’s hectic life during the summer break is also believed to be reason behind the Argentina international’s injuries.
The 26-year-old forward labelled such reports as nonsense. Messi also said that he hadn’t been over-exerting himself and that his summer activities were merely for a good cause.
“While I feel good, I will play whatever is necessary,” Messi said. “I do not have to put limits on myself. I know when the coach wants to take me off, he will take me off, and that’s fine. There is no need to look for things which are not there.
“Everything that has been said are just inventions... I am not the only one who plays many games in a season… Everyone in La Liga does it. And [the travel] ... those games during the holidays are just fun without any pressure. We get together, we help with some social issue. I enjoy it. There is no need to look for strange things. There is no need to change.”
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