Barcelona’s Dani Alves claims Madrid boss Mourinho influenced referees

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Blog Photo - Barcelona’s Dani Alves claims Madrid boss Mourinho influenced referees
Barcelona defender Dani Alves claims Jose Mourinho’s criticism of referee Wolfgang Stark caused the match officials to favor Paris Saint-Germain in the first-leg of the Champions League quarterfinal on Wednesday.
Jose Mourinho lambasted against referee Wolfgang Stark after he sent off Pepe for a foul on Dani Alves in the first-leg of the Champions League semifinal at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium back in April 2011.
Real Madrid’s 2-0 defeat to Barcelona at home sent Jose Mourinho into angry campaign against match referees. In his post-match news conference, Jose Mourinho named a series of referees who he claimed sided with Barcelona.
Dani Alves said he was shocked to see how Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s goal was allowed by the match referee as the former Barcelona striker was two yards offside. The Brazilian full back also admitted that Jose Mourinho had a role in influencing Wolfgang Stark’s decision making on Tuesday.
“Yes. This began where it began, and the protests, in the end, influence the referee,” Dani Alves said. “They start to think that if they whistle for something, or not, they will be seen badly by the coaches.
“I think there was a clear foul on me, as had happened at the Bernabeu - but as this was Dani Alves, the actor, then it is nothing. They would have to break my leg for something to happen. [But] in the end the Champions League [trophy] is in Barca's cabinet and a replica is in my house.”
The Brazil international believes no one should influence referees from criticism or any other way. Dani Alves claims Barcelona players will be punished if they speak out against referees, therefore corrections were needed in order to make referees’ decision-making free again.
“We cannot complain,” Dani Alves said. “But the people outside [not footballers], who if they are punished it does not matter, are the ones who should come out and protest and ask for explanations.
“It is impossible that an offside by two yards is not seen, but we cannot come out and protest. Then they say we are cry-babies, always complaining. But we are not fools.”
After a 2-2 draw at Parc de Princes, Paris Saint-Germain are scheduled for a trip to Nou Camp next week. Barcelona have the advantage over their French adversaries since a goalless draw would see the Catalans move into the semifinals. 
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