Bears Brandon Marshall really hates the Lions and their cheap shots

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsChicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall isn’t one to mince his words when talking about the Detroit Lions. The guy goes berserk. The Lions have owned them twice this season. On Sunday they lost 21-29 at Soldier Field to the Lions. When Marshall was asked to share his thoughts, he didn’t hesitate.
“I got a nasty taste in my mouth with these guys,” Marshall said. “These guys are difficult to deal with.”
He let it all loose when appearing as a guest host for the “The Jay Cutler Show” on WMVP-AM 1000. He said that the Bears and Lions have more hatred in between than any other rivals, even more than the Packers.
Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was still recovering from his back problems and the Lions didn’t go easy on it, getting every opportunity to run him down and throw him back to square one with recovery. And Marshall really hated their game. At the end of the game he had an ankle sprain that will take some time to recover from.
Marshall wasn’t a fan of such dirty tricks and was candid about expressing what he thought about that.
“Borderline illegal. I’ll say this, man. I’ll attach my name to it,” he said. “When I’m looking at film today, it was kind of disgusting to see their d-line go out of their way to knock our quarterbacks down after every single play.”
He continued, saying that they showed no signs of letting go and kept running him over.
“Ya know? The ball was gone. They’re pushing him down. They’re hitting him below the knee. It was kind of disgusting.”
He alleged that they had planned to do this dirty play and even though these plays weren’t illegal, they were things that the Bears would have to prepare next time to prevent.
“So it seemed like it was game-planned. But it was borderline. You can’t say it was illegal,” Marshall said. “But it was definitely one of those things where you say, ‘Hey, we’ve got to pay attention to this.’”
Marshall was asked by host and former Bear Tom Waddle whether the Lions suffer from that sort of little brother complex.
Tom Waddle, ex- Bears wide receiver was the show host and asked Marshall if the Bear suffer a little brother complex with the Lions.
“That’s exactly what it is. They’re the little brother who grew a little bit, may be a little taller than the bigger brother,” Marshall said. “He’s not stronger. He’s not better than the big brother at anything. But it’s just that one day, he says ‘I’m fed up. I’m done. I’m going to punch my brother in the face.’”
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