Bears Brandon Marshall says borderline personality disorder resolved

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsBears Brandon Marshall has claimed that his borderline personality disorder is now a thing of the past and won’t bother him anymore. It had been the reason for his fluctuating behavior both on the field and off it, which had been an issue with his career and caused his to be traded two times.
"I'm past that. It's one of those things where I had to go through it," he said.
His dissatisfaction was evident in the two consecutive losses the Bears had to stomach, especially in the New Orleans one on Sunday in which he gave his poorest performance on the field this season so far with only 4 catches over 30 yards.
Due to his medical problem, his erratic behavior and being treated for BDP, he was the center of attention for media. But the Pro Bowler is actually happy to receive it.
"I love it. Look at this amazing opportunity. It's cool, I had 30 yards, and that (stinks), but all this attention around me gives me the opportunity to come up here and talk and raise awareness (about mental health),” he explained.
He acknowledged that it can sometimes become intrusive to have so much media attention; he said he accepted what came with the opportunity to raise awareness.
"I embrace it. I know there are going to be cameras on me; it just makes my platform that much bigger," he said.
Even though his deteriorating performance on the field has made many accuse him of hogging the spotlight, Bears coach Marc Trestman thinks otherwise.
"He's been as important to leading this team as anybody. He's been doing it all winter,” he said. “Alshon Jeffery is playing the way he's playing because he spent time off-season with Brandon learning how to treat his body, get himself in shape, how to eat properly.”
Trestman gave credit to Marshall for contributing to team signing too.
"(Marshall) helped recruit (free-agent linebacker) D.J. (Williams) and (free-agent tight end) Martellus (Bennett),” he said.
Trestman said that Marshall was committed on the field to give a good performance and help his teammates.
"I've seen nothing but a guy who, when he's been on the field, has worked and has been locked in to try to help this football team,” the Bears coach said praising Marshall. “He's a verbal guy. He's highly articulate. He has great football intelligence."
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