Bears Fans it's going to be a Long Year

9/14/08 in NFL   |   Ripx7   |   90 respect

Let's face it Bears Fans, it won't be 1985 again this year.  We were fooled by an injuried and depleted Team in Indy, and that Defense is going to keep Us Close for most games.  We aren't going to be able to count on the Defense and Special Teams to put up 14+ points per week.  (and yes, that TD by Mckee goes to the Defense for that Mugging Return) 

Orton, appears what we expected steady, but unable to finish 17 plays, 84 yards, but only 3 points and only 1 time. 

Ron Turner seemed to dissappear in the 2nd half, as the bears took conservative approach that even the Christian Right Wing would have thought too far.

I'd like to continue, but I'm just too depressed, let's be honest how many wins are left in this schedule?
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