Bears GM Phil Emery says Cutler might still be franchise QB

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsChicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is under debate for being selected the franchise quarterback and general manager Phil Emery explained the issues that were related to selecting Cutler for that position. Although many thought that the argument being put up was actually to show that they will not select him, he later explained himself saying that was not the case. He said on Monday that the possibility was still on the table to elect him franchise quarterback.
“I would say ‘disregard completely’ is an oversimplification of what the franchise tag is in relation to contracts and caps and player contracts overall,” Emery said. “What I had said before was that just make sure when you look at the franchise tag [you know] what that means from a quarterback’s contract perspective and the amount of room and space that it eats up.” 
He said that not selecting him was not a solution as many were thinking but giving the decision thought was merely an issue about thinking it through.
“It’s not necessarily a solution.  It’s not the first thing we would think about.  The first think we’d think about if we wanted to sign a player is a long-term contract,” he said. “That fits better in our cap situation.”
Getting a franchise quarterback is no small deal and eats away a lot of the budget that the team has. Franchise quarterbacks are destined for the long run and so are given larger packages and ones that expand for longer times. In case the quarterback does not deliver, the team will have a very limited amount of options to choose from and will be stuck to make do with what they have. With so much to go with the position, Cutler won’t be one to request a small offer either.
If the Bears choose not to make him their franchise quarterback the market will definitely put up for what he is worth. And in case he wants to show a point to the Bears, he could settle for less from another team. 
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