Bears Injury Update: Forte Out Sunday, Cutler Optimistic About Christmas Return.

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Matt Forte looked extremely confident when he ruled himself out of the matchup with the Seahawks on Sunday. When he was put forward this particular question, he replied with a big sideways shake of his head. However Lovie Smith, the Bears coach did not rule him out of the match and according to him there might still be a slight chance.

But let’s not get our hopes up shall we. This is what Forte had to say, “It’s a process you know. Injuries don’t heal overnight.” If the player thinks he is not ready then he is not ready. There is absolutely no need to rush him in and risk a chance of further injury.

In case you don’t know, he took a hit on the knee from Derrick Johnson who is the Chiefs linebacker. a 2nd Grade MCL is what Forte is suffering from and although he says that he feels a lot better, he is not good enough to play come Sunday.

The coach, Smith tried his best to give a subtle answer when posed similar questions. He was extremely tactical in words and didn’t give much away except the fact that the player felt better than before. He did not give more than that away.

Forte is very much into his game and is very nearly into making quite a personal achievement. Whenever he returns, he would just need 15 yards rushing and he would reach the thousand mark for the second time in two years and for the third time in his career.

But there is some bit of good news as well. Jay Cutler was very optimistic of his chances of a comeback in the game against the Packers at the Lambeau on Christmas Day. He did warn the fans not to get their hopes too high because there is every chance that he may not be able to make it. I hardly think any fan would not want to get their hopes high. After all it’s Jay Cutler we are talking about. This is what Cutler had to say;

“I’ll say outside. I wouldn’t say it’s good or definite or a real possibility, but there is always an outside chance, but like you said, we have to get this one first.”

If he thought the host was going to let him off that easily, he was sadly mistaken. The host pressed Cutler on the matter and got another few sentences out of him.

“Outside shot, let’s not get anyone’s hopes up, let’s not ruin anybody’s Christmas dreams, but outside, outside.”

But all of this depends on the result on Sunday. If the Bears lose then it would all but end their playoff hopes and if such is the case, I doubt it that Cutler would be rushed back. His surgeon, Randy Viola was impressed with the progress Cutler was making.

If the Bears can win this Sunday and Cutler returns for the match against the Packers, it would be a dream come true for the Lions and the whole of Detroit. Not only that but they would then have a realistic chance of ending the Packers unbeaten run, assuming it is intact till then.

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