Bears’ kicker Gould injures calf in pregame warm-ups

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Although pregame warm-up injuries aren’t common, they can become a nightmare for teams who’ve made a somewhat routine with certain players. The Chicago Bears befell a similar fate Sunday when place kicker Robbie Gould strained his left calf while warming-up, putting him in a questionable status (and on the sidelines) for the game against Minnesota Vikings.
 Robbie Gould was warming-up by kicking mid-range field goals ahead of the game when he sustained the injury. Although Robbie Gould was able to convert most of his warm-up kicks prior to the injury, afterwards he clearly showed a deviation far from being 100 percent.
The eight-year NFL veteran Robbie Gould hasn’t missed a single game this year and the Chicago Bears have no immediate backup place kicker, the team was in a pickle over who to fill-in at the spot. Since cementing his place as the Chicago Bears’ full-time kicker in the 2005 season Robbie Gould has made appearances in every single game. However, Robbie Gould’s consistency isn’t surprising at all since the place kickers often don’t sustain the kind of severe injuries that puts their roster spots in jeopardy.
Chicago Bears punter Adam Podlesh filled-in at Robbie Gould’s spot while handling the opening kickoff to hit the ball at the Minnesota Vikings’ 2-yard line so that it bounced into the end zone resulting in a touchback. Meanwhile, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson a 51-yard run on their first play from scrimmage. Then, instead of taking a 52-yard field goal attempt by the end of the first quarter, the Chicago Bears punted the ball.
The Chicago Bears came close to another possible severe injury when defensive tackle Henry Melton limped of the field primarily weighing down on his left leg late in the first quarter. Although Henry Melton was carted off to the locker room, he retuned early in the second quarter. The Chicago Bears are already short on defensive starters with nose tackle Stephen Paea, cornerback Tim Jennings and linebacker Brian Urlacher listed inactive due to injuries.
Robbie Gould’s absence won’t necessarily be the downfall of the Chicago Bears since a team can’t really depend upon field goals to get back from a 14-0 deficit and so on. Still, it could somehow affect the already struggling Chicago Bears offense that has at times struggled with decision-making on the fly in order to set themselves up for the maximum point-scoring opportunities, which typically don’t; call big distance kickoffs.
Robbie Gould ranks No.4 as the most accurate kicker in league history. He entered Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings with a career 85.6 field goal percentage, and almost similar scoring on 21-of-25 field kick attempts (84 percent) in the course of early 12 games this season.
The Chicago Bears desperately need this win after losing the past three of their four games to end-up in a tie for the NFC North No.1 seed with Green Bay Packers.
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