Bears may stand tall but Saints ready for challenge, Brees

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New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees is confident that the Saints will be able to break into Chicago Bears defense this weekend. Brees noted that although he respected Bears defense, their wall was not impregnable.

In a recent press conference, Brees admitted Bears gave a hellish time to Atlanta Falcons. Brees told media that he was aware of Matt Ryan and Co.’s miseries in their bout against Bears but hopefully Saints would have prepared well enough to give Bears an equally tough time.

Brees explained Bears tactics stating, “Obviously playing in Chicago's a tough place to play. That scheme prides itself on getting after the quarterback with a four-man rush. Obviously you need to have some talented rushers and (Julius) Peppers and (Israel) Idonije are two ends on the outside that do a great job of rushing the passer. Their two guys inside are big physical guys with great technique. When they do bring pressure, they do a good job of it.”

He added, “They have good pass rushers on the linebacker corps, big strong guys and physical defensive backs. They thrive on that system and on the four-man rush, causing you to force the ball into places you don't want to or sooner than you want to because of the shell zone they play. They hope you get impatient or have to force something in there.”

Brees reckoned that the Bears may have been sold short in the preseason. The former San Diego player told media that Packers often stole the spotlight from them. Brees also said that even though Bears have compiled an impressive history over time, their recent performances have been overshadowed by greater teams.

“Yes, I think obviously a lot of the focus around the league and in our conference and in their division is the Packers and so, let's not forget that they are the ones who hosted the Packers in the NFC Championship game,” explained Brees. He continued, “They've been to two NFC Championship games, one Super Bowl in the last five years. They have the recipe and blueprint for success how to win games. We've had maybe the misfortune of meeting them three times in Chicago and it hasn't ended very well for us, so we know the challenges. We're happy that it's our home opener. We're coming to the Dome. We obviously know it will be a crazy atmosphere and we need every advantage we can get.”

When Brees was questioned if he knew he had never beaten Bears, the 32-year-old veteran admitted that he had fallen short of that task a number of times but hoped he would finally overcome it with Saints in the Sunday match. Brees commented, “I know I haven't beaten these guys and I've played them there every time, all four times in Chicago, three times with the Saints and one with the Chargers. Obviously I have to figure something out.”

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