Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has moved from a cast to a brace

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsChicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was shifted from a hard cast to wear only a small ankle brace to protect his sprained left ankle on Wednesday. The brace, under his shoe was much smaller compared to the cast the quarterback was resigned to that had him disabled from practice. Cutler sustained the injury on November 10 against the Detroit Lions in the second quarter. The Bears lost the match 21-19.
On a radio show Cutler said that he had been shifted to the smaller and much more compact brace from the overall cast after consideration from the medical staff and analysis of the injury.
Marc Trestman, head coach for the Chicago Bears said that the brace was a much better option than the cast and would be just as good to aid in recovery of the sprain.
"He’s got the sprain, but there’s stability there, enough stability that they could take it off," Trestman said.
The Bears are scheduled to face the Saint Louis Rams on November 24 and it is comfirmed that Cutler won’t be playing the game. Smart move by the franchise and Trestman as this season has proven rushing half healed players into the heat of the field ends up in a greater injury.
Trestman did not elaborate on a day on which the brace may be removed or the progress of recovery of Cutler. The Bears will face the Minnesota Vikings on December 1 and chances are Cutler will be sitting out the game.
"I’m going to stay on a just week-to-week because I’ve stayed pretty consistent with (that).  I’m really not the doctor. They tell me it’s week-to-week, said Trestman.
“I try not to put myself in a position where I get overly optimistic about these things,” he said. “I just take them as they come, so I look at it as being week-to-week right now, and we’ll see where he is on Monday."
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