Bears record 40-23 victory over stumbling Steelers

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Blog Photo - Bears record 40-23 victory over stumbling Steelers
It wasn’t a matter of how well the Chicago Bears played; in fact it was a wait to see how bad the Pittsburg Steelers could be. As defensive end Julius Peppers snatched the ball and charged towards the end zone it became clear that he didn’t possess the “blazing speed” he used to have, but still managed to best the Steelers.
The Bears acquired a 40-23 victory over the Steelers, maintaining their perfect start to the season with three wins from three games. Sunday night was just as miserable as most of the season has been for the Steelers. In 30 seasons, this was the sixth time Steelers have been accountable for turning it over five times. It was almost as if the Steelers had gifted away the game.
Peppers, who ran 42 yards with minutes after the clock after the turnover, took little credit for his heroics.
“I happened to be at the right place at the right time and the ball bounced to me,” Peppers said. “I got a hand on it and took it in, so there wasn't much else to talk about. That was the longest run I had with the ball, yes, I will tell you that.”
The Bears were able to convert four of the five turnovers into points. The Steelers were able to cull the 21-point deficit to only four points in the fourth quarter, but they squandered chances and stumbled in front of their opponents to record their worst start to a season since 2000.
Roethlisberger managed to complete only 26 of his 41 passes, but he did have 406 yards and two touchdowns under his belt. Roethlisberger also made two fumbles and was responsible for two interceptions. Meanwhile, Antonio Brown recorded both touchdowns for the Steelers.
“We can't, I can't, turn the ball over, plain and simple,” Roethlisberger said after the game.
Peppers hailed the concentration and determination of his teammates. Peppers admitted that the Steelers came close to taking over the game, but Bears “stayed cool” to return home victorious.
“We came in here and got the job done,” Peppers said. “They got close down the stretch, but we have veterans on our team that stayed cool. We don't panic no matter what.”
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