Beck vows not to disappoint Shanahan and Redskins fans

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Washington Redskins former no.1 quarterback, Rex Grossman admitted he handed in an “unacceptable performance’ against the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday. Grossman threw 4 interceptions at FedEx Field to take Redskins on a humiliating 20-13 defeat against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Grossman confessed that perhaps he needed to change his mind-set when it comes to turnovers. In a recent press release Grossman said, "The only thing I could do that could maybe encompass all turnovers -- just have a little more conservative approach to the fact that, hey, turnovers are bad, but they're emotional mistakes that create emotion in the stands, create an odd emotion everywhere."

Grossman added, "Ultimately, I'm responsible for the ball."

Apart from the ugly figures Grossman has shown for the Redskins this season, there is another reason Redskins coach Shanahan has chosen John Beck as the signal caller for the club. Beck is far more agile than Grossman. Shanahan recently informed that the Redskins had lost 2 offensive line starters to injuries in the match against the Eagles. Shanahan also said that Beck’s various skills would prove to be a great asset on field.

"I have a lot of confidence in John Beck because he does have that mobility, that strong arm," Shanahan said. "I'm not going to be putting him in the Hall of Fame yet, but I really do believe he's got a lot of talent."

The Redskins are no stranger to changing quarterbacks. As a matter of fact Beck would become the 21st quarterback to start a game for the Redskins in 19 seasons. This fact alone reflects the lack of stability the Redskins franchise has been suffering with. Beck will also be the 3rd starter in 22 games under Shanahan.

After having a whiff of Donovan McNabb last year, Shanahan was willing to stake his reputation on Grossman and Beck. "We don't mind going to bat, taking a shot at a guy that was very talented," Shanahan said. "I watched Donovan through the years. ... We brought him in here to see if it would work out. It didn't work out. ... There's nothing wrong with admitting you made a mistake or that guy's not the future of your organization."

Shanahan added, "You've got to see what's out there. It's not like they fall out of trees."

Meanwhile, Beck told media that he has learnt a lot in his time off field. Beck stated that he had run the extra miles for the job and vowed to deliver for the Redskins. Beck also said that he had improved a lot since the summer training camp.

Beck completed 8 of 15 passes for 117 yards and scored a 2-yard touchdown against the Eagles. Beck has earned a slightly above average rating: 79.0, which is much better than the time he started for Miami Dolphins in 2007. Beck said that he had been waiting for opportunity to knock on his door ever since Miami and now that it had he was going to make the most of it.

"The situation I stepped into as a rookie was a very difficult one because we were winless, the organization had been through a lot of struggles that year," Beck said. "We were already 0-9. This is still the beginning part (of this season), and this team has a good feel about it."

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