Beno Udrih Crossover On Kobe Bryant During Kings-Lakers Game [NBA Preseason]

Now That He's In His 30's, We Might Start Seeing This More Often From Kobe. We Can Only Hope

10/14/08 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

During the Lakers' 94-89 preseason win over the Kings on Sunday, Kings guard Beno Udrih dropped one of the sickest moves of the preseason so far.

There's not much to say about it, other than just watch the video. He crossed over Kobe Bryant so bad, it was almost downright embarrassing. Kobe turned 30 almost 2 months ago, and he's been in the league since he was only 18. Maybe he's lost a step going into his 13th season, or maybe it's just a case of "it happens to the best of them". Either way, I'm hoping this happens more often.

After all, this is the NBA. Where some Slovenian dude making Kobe Bryant fall out of his sneakers happens.

Beno Udrih Did Kobe Dirty [SLAM Online]
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10/14/08   |   mikeyintheoc   |   55 respect

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To funny. Kobe will be fine, on his worst day playing defense he still better than 4/5 of the players on defense on any given game.
8-time all defensive player selection. He can slip now and then. Go Lakers!

10/14/08   |   I'm Dougie

 as u can see kobe tripped over dude leg.... yeah he might of got crossed but then he tripped.... he still the best in the league