Bernie Fine won't be charged

No charges for Bernie Fine

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No charges will be fired in Onondaga County against former Syracuse basketball assistant Bernie Fine because the statute of limitations has expired, district attorney William Fitzpatrick said today.

However, Fitzpatrick did say that he found the claims made by the two accusers in the county, former ball boys Bobby Davis and Mike Lang, to be credible. Davis and Lang accused Fine of sexual assaulting them over a number of years. Claims made by a third accuser, Zach Tomaselli of Maine were imaterial to this investigation, Fitzpatrick said. Fine could still face federal charges in the Tomaselli case as the federal statute of limitations in that case has not expired.

Fine was fired by Syracuse after a taped conversation between Davis and Fine's wife Laurie in which they vaguely discuss the sexual assaults surfaced.

Stopping short of pronouncing his feelings on whether Fine was guilty or innocent, Fitzpatrick did say, "Hasn't Bernie Fine caused enough pain in this community?" 
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