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Geography is the furthest thing from my mind when I'm coming up with my plan of attack for each day, but I did find it interesting, and a little quirky, that I stayed in NYC for both my plays yesterday. What was even more funny was the fact that some of the guys who were responsible for my win in the afternoon were at the game last night that I lost. Go figure. I hated losing that Nets game, but let's give a big tip o' the cap to the Chicago Bulls. I think Shaq said it best on the postgame that the Bulls were ready to play. The Nets weren't.


With the 1st round now officially over, I think this would be a good time to hand out the Carlos
Boozer Award. There's no esteem at all attached to this prize. In fact, it goes to the guy who melts under the bright lights, and for the 1st round, the guy for whom the award is named is not the winner. That would have to be Joe Johnson of the Nets. Are you kidding me? Only 1-14 shooting in a Game 7? Say it ain't so, Joe!


But it is so, and the month of May begins with sputters and pops. Yesterday's 1-1 left me at 5-5 (5-3 with baseball and 0-2 in the NBA) for the week. It's not like having to climb Mt. Everest, but there's work to be done. Let's get to it.


THE SHOW (2-1 yesterday and 17-11 for the week)


BUTTA (1-0 yesterday and 5-3 for the week)

1. PHILLIES (HALLADAY -190) over Marlins (Slowey) - There may be some reasons to not jump on Doc here, but I don't think his poor performance in Cleveland last week is one of them. Those things happen. And while it's true that Doc hasn't been his usual self in many starts so far this season, the Indians are a team that tore the cover off the ball last week in going 6-0. The Fish simply don't have that kind of punch, and with the Phils off being shut out at home last night, I think this is a real good spot for a bounce back; not only for the good Doctor, but for his team as well.

2. D-Backs (Kennedy -125) over PADRES (VOLQUEZ) - If Volquez has his command, he can be one of the best hurlers out there, but that has been a problem for him. Whether he has it today or not probably won't matter for the Friars. Kennedy is 7-1 lifetime against them with a 2.79 ERA, and he's also 25-8 against division opponents.



1. YANKEES (PETTITTE -145) over Athletics (Straily) - For all the injuries and lack of star power, the Yanks are still getting it done. At home, and in search of a series win in the rubber game, they send Pettitte and his 9-4 career record to the bump. That's enough to get me leaning, but not enough to get me jumping.

2. White Sox (Quintana +110) over ROYALS (DAVIS) - Wade Davis has been a little off in his last 2 starts, and Quintana has been in a real nice groove. This is just a hunch, because I actually think the Royals are the better team, but I think the Sox get this one after a very emotional and tight contest last night.


BROOMOLOGY (6-7 ATS & 7-6 SU last week)


Road Dogs (5-2 & 4-3 last week)

Twins (+1 1/2) at INDIANS

Red Sox (+1 1/2) at RANGERS

Dodgers (+1 1/2) at GIANTS


Road Favorite (0-2 & 1-1 last week)

No situations in this category today.


Home Dogs (1-2 & 1-2 last week)

CUBS (+1 1/2) vs. Reds

ASTROS (+1 1/2) vs. Tigers


Home Favorites (0-1 & 1-0 last week)

BREWERS (-1 1/2) over Cardinals

BLUE JAYS (-1 1/2) over Mariners


RUN-(NING) LINES (6-8 ATS/5-9 SU/7-7 TOTALS yesterday and 41-53/41-52/54-40 last week)

1. White Sox (+1 1/2, U8) at ROYALS

2. RANGERS (-1 1/2, O8) over Red Sox

3. Mariners (+1 1/2, U8 1/2) at BLUE JAYS

4. ASTROS (+1 1/2, U8) vs. Tigers *

5. Orioles (+1 1/2, U8 1/2) at ANGELS

6. Athletics (+1 1/2, U8 1/2) at YANKEES

7. INDIANS (-1 1/2, O9) over Twins

8. Mets (+1 1/2, U7 1/2) at BRAVES

9. CUBS (+1 1/2, U7) vs. Reds

10. Marlins (+1 1/2, U7 1/2) at PHILLIES

11. Cardinals (-1 1/2, O8 1/2) over BREWERS

12. PIRATES (-1 1/2, U7) over Nationals

13. PADRES (+1 1/2, O8) vs. D-Backs

14. Dodgers (+1 1/2, U7) at GIANTS

15. Rays (+1 1/2, O9) at ROCKIES *


* - Stats break down to show a tie in these games.


THE NBA (0-1 ATS/0-1 SU/1-0 TOTALS last night and 7-12/9-10/9-10 for the week)

A couple of real interestting matchups to tip off the 2nd round today. Call me crazy, but I think both road teams today are the better teams in the current configurations of the 4 teams involved. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if both the Griz and the Pacers sneak in a steal one today, but I won't move on either game.


BUTTA (0-1 last night and 0-2 for the week)

No plays today.



1. THUNDER 99, Grizzlies (+3, O186 1/2) 97

2. KNICKS (-5 1/2, U183) 78, Pacers 67


Have a grand and glorious Sunday! Be careful out there, and I'll talk to you again tomorrow.

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