"Big Mouth" Guillen is fired!!

10/23/12 in MLB   |   jaysinw   |   5037 respect

The Marlins, who had started off the season trying to revamp the team to bring more of the hispanic fan base in Miami to the ball park by going out and getting some players and most notably a manager in Ozzie Guillen. Well that did not last long, Guiellen made commetns that he respected Fidel Castro and could not get Hanley Ramirez on board with moving to thris for over-priced Jose Reyes of the Mets.

So after losing 92 games and putting up with his mouth for one season, the Marlins have done one thing right in firing him today, now if they only go out and get someone who not only understand baseball but can relate to the players, front office and the fan base of the Marlins, it will be win so far for this offseason. Joey Cora was also let go so no he will not be mention as a replacement for Guillen.
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10/23/12   |   scquwi1   |   1232 respect

Good bye, hopefully for ever.