Bigger Story: Lakers or Clippers?

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The LA Times columnist everyone in Memphis loves to hate, T.J. Simers, came out with a column for the Sunday paper claiming what everyone else already knows, but refuses to recognize: The Lakers, who scraped and clawed their way to just barely MAKE the postseason, are a bigger story than the Clippers who had a record-setting season, won the Pacific Division for the first time in their history, and completely man-handled the Grizzlies in Game 1. 

Blog Photo - Bigger Story: Lakers or Clippers?Why is that still the case? History? We all recognize past accomplishments and banners raised, but is it so hard for the people to live in the present? Come to the realization that the Lakers are no longer the kings of Los Angeles. The Stanley Cup Champion Kings and the Los Angeles Clippers have taken over the city, but still the Lakers are the bigger story. 

This is not meant to be a whinny article, because the Clippers have been flying under the radar for the duration of their Los Angeles lives - but this time the tides have turned. The Clippers landed Chris Paul. They drafted Blake Griffin. They put together the leagues top bench and have the most depth in the league.  The Clippers are facing a team in Memphis that they defeated in 7 games last year, but they are so much better this year (the Clippers, that is).

The Los Angeles basketball fan contingent must recognize the greater team is the Clippers.  4-0 during the regular season versus the Lakers. And Laker fans actually thing they have a shot against the Spurs? I don't believe in fairy tales - but Laker fans sure as hell do. 

The jokes on every single Laker fan these days - because as much as they reference the past and their banners and Kobe and their Larry O'brien's - the Clippers are the better team NOW. The MUCH better team. 

Recognize and respect your co-tenants. As much as it pains you, the first step is admitting the Clippers are better. The rest will fall into place. 
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