Biggest deals in NHL!

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One of the bigger events in almost every sports league is the time when transfers between teams take place. This is one of those times of the year when each decision has a substantial impact on both teams of the league, good or bad. This article is a small compilation of the trading of players in National hockey League.
Boston Bruins is one of the NHL teams based in Boston. Their trade comprised of sending three players away and acquiring three in return, of which two were good but one has been exceptionally good for the Boston Bruins. This is one of the best trades that the Boston Bruins could ever do since the returns have been substantial and will greatly improve the performance of Boston Bruins in the league.
Another trade is conducted by a NHL team based in New York, Buffalo Sabres. Buffalo sent one of their players away in 1993 in exchange for another and this acquisition brought the team great success. The new player came at barely an expense of another and only Buffalo’s sheer bad luck lead them to not win the Stanley Cup in 1999 and not their trading.
One of the trades with a win-win situation has been undertaken by the hockey team based in Canada, Calgary Flames. The team conducted its trade in a way that lead it to bidding farewell to a champion but another champion coming its way too.
Another trade that occurred in the history of National Hockey League, although with less successful results has been conducted by Dallas Stars from Texas. This team didn’t have the best results in terms of trade but the players who were part of the trade are big to the league. Let’s just say that these players to hockey are similar to Lionel Messi to football. Hence, the trade deal automatically acquired that level in the league because of the players that it comprised.
Florida Panthers is a professions National Hockey League team from Sunrise, Florida. This team traded players with New York Islanders and got a pretty good deal out of it, with two highly incredible players of the league who are brilliant at scoring and assisting.
Tampa Bay Lightning is another Florida based hockey team who conducted a trade that enables them to stay in the race for the Lightening cup in 2004. The trade was also conducted in the same year and brought the team success which they never would otherwise have had.
New York Islanders have been victims of bad trade. They sent off one of their players who turned out to be the best defender to the team he was sent to namely Ottawa Senators. This isn’t it. Islanders also got a player who wasn’t good enough as a hockey player. Certainly a win-lose situation for Senators and Islanders respectively. 
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