Biggest questioning NFL contracts

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New York Jets woes and messy NFL contracts:
1. Jets-Sanchez loyalties: The New York Jets can pretend like they’re in control and opting to take another chance on Mark Sanchez, but the team could get sucked into a sticky $17.1 million salary cap situation over the next two seasons ($12.8 million in 2013 and $4.8 million in 2014) remaining on his contract if they attempt to cut the quarterback by 1st June. Anyhow, New York Jets owe Mark Sanchez $8.25 million guaranteed salary in 2013, and even if they renegotiated the contract no team will be willing to pick up the insane amount. More importantly Mark Sanchez’s contact doesn’t include off-set language, which means that the New York Jets could end up paying a huge chunk of the guaranteed amount (even in a trade scenario) – that   would count against the 2013 salary cap.
So basically the New York Jets are stuck paying Mark Sanchez the salary of a good quarterback or end-up in a salary cap deficit equivalent to an elite quarterback if they release him from the contract.
2. Hot seat: New York Jets general manager Mike Tannebaum’s certain future after this season may be a huge question mark, but there’s already talk around the block that with the current situation, his job is already on the line.
3. Brutal schedule: When the New York Jets owner Woody Johnson comes down to evaluating team personnel’s performance at the end of this season before turning them to the hot seat, he has a key factor to consider affecting the team’s early performance. The New York Jets faced arguably the toughest schedule in NFL over their first 12 games. Their opponents through this season boast a combined record of is 83-59-2 – a .583 winning percentage.
However, the New York Jets also have one of the easiest schedule over the final four games of the season, with their last four opponents’ combined record at 15-33 – a .313 winning percentage.
Despite all, if the New York Jets don’t finish at 8-8 it implies that the team has deep issues.
4. Ryan-Turner marriage: According to reports Chargers coach Norv Turner could be shown the door out of San Diego at the end of the seasons. Could the New York Jets be in the market for a new coordinator after their offense under Tony Sparano ranked 29th in the league. Besides, Norv Turner is a highly regarded coordinator (and the New York Jets could potentially have interest in San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Alex Smith, who’s been coached by Turner).
But is a cooperation between New York Jets coach Rex Ryan and Norv Turner even possible? Apparently not. Rex Ryan had previously interviewed for the San Diego Charges coaching job in 2007. And during a recollection of that interview, Rex Ryan unintentionally slighted Norv Turner, stating if chosen he could have capped a few Super Bowl rings with the talent available on the San Diego Chargers’ roster then. Norv Turner most obviously didn’t take kindly to that and the situation again promises to get quite interesting when the New York Jets play the San Diego Chargers in two weeks’ time.
5. Fool’s gold: Tony Sparano wouldn’t stand criticism against the offense, claiming the New York Jets’ running game had significantly improved over time. The yards per game have indeed increased, but over the last three weeks the New York Jets are averaging 3.7 yards per carry. Compared to the 3.8 yards per carry over the last nine games, Tony Sparano’s claims seem lost in the muffling cries of the New York Jets’ offense.
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