Bill Belichick grabs referee, will likely be fined

Replacement refs incur the wrath of Belichick, who responds by incurring the wrath of Goodell

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Blog Photo - Bill Belichick grabs referee, will likely be suspended

You could see it throughout the game.

From nearly the first series, Patriots coach Bill Belichick was seething.

Once again, on national television. the replacement referees completely botched another NFL game.

It's not that they changed the final score, or gave the game to the Ravens. If you're honest, you'll admit that they didn't. The Ravens were the better team last night, and that's why they won.

Aside from that, however, the refs influenced the game far more than they should have, and it made for an entirely negative experience.

Belichick tried to talk to one of the officials after the game, and was completely ignored. He grabbed the ref's arm to try to get his attention, and that's where he went wrong.

The league is investigating the incident, and early reports are that Belichick will be fined.

On one hand, I don't blame Belichick for being upset. The officiating was terrible. There's really no denying that.

On the other hand... you can't put your hands on a referee. It's that simple.

Belichick wasn't the only one who got worked up. 

Linebacker Brandon Spikes posted his thoughts on Twitter:

Spikes tried to play it off, saying that he never said anything about the actual referees or mentioned them specifically, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the league lighten his paycheck a little bit as well.

The Patriots need to relax and realize that regardless of the officiating situation, they have to play better.

This is no time for excuses, and the refs made bad calls on both sides of the ball. Ravens coach John Harbaugh was just as furious as Belichick at various points in the game.

Both teams got screwed, and the fans got screwed by horrible officiating. But if you out-play the other team, you'll win. And that's what the Ravens did last night.
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Given all that happened on and off the field in week 3, I think Belicheck will be one of many that are fined by the NFL.  It's obvious that nobody has any respect towards the replacement officials and as a result, this whole thing has gotten completely out of hand.  I hope the NFL and it's owners are happy because in the end, they are the reason why things are the way they are