Bill O'Brien says that the Houston Texans will definitely draft a quarterback

It's no surprise, but the Houston Texans are definitely drafting a QB

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Feb 21, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien speaks to the media in a press conference during the 2014 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports"I don't think there's any question that we'll draft a quarterback in the draft. Where we draft that quarterback, I don't even think we know that yet."

Those are the words of Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien, who seems to be implying that the Texans are considering going with a position other than QB with the first overall pick in the NFL Draft.

They could draft one of several highly touted quarterbacks, including the likes of Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles and Derek Carr.

The Texans can get anyone they want. They could take someone with the first pick, or they could roll the dice and get their man with the first pick in the 2nd round. That might be risky, since they're not the only team out there looking for a QB. They could miss out on all four of those players, theoretically.

Do you think the Texans should draft a QB right away? Or should they wait for the second round (or maybe later)? They've already traded Matt Schaub, so they really don't have a starter with much experience on the roster. It should be interesting to see how this plays out.
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If it's Manziel, I'm giving up on Texans drafting intelligence. He'll go the way of Tebow (three seasons and gone) because he's geared toward the college game, and Keenum will make it to where he needs to be during this season. The O-line has always been the biggest problem. I'll be happy if they take an OT with the first pick, but when does that happen? Never.