Bill Parcells: New Orleans Saints coach?

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We cannot accurately say when will the New Orleans Saint will be playing against the Dallas Cowboys this season but we will hopefully be finding out soon as the NFL Schedule will be coming out anytime this month. However, before the New Orleans Saints can think about playing the matches they need to sort out the trouble going on with the coaches. All of know that Sean Payton has been suspended for an infinite period and his actions have also brought disrepute to the team of New Orleans Saint. Many people related to NFL believe that Sean Payton should not be allowed to come back as what he did is plain unforgiveable. Sean Payton however did file an appeal against the court decision which was turned down. So Sean Payton is clearly out of NFL scene until for now and most probably for the future as well.
Now the New Orleans Saints to find a coach for themselves and that also very quickly. Bill Parcels is the name that is coming to the forefront as the best candidate available for the New Orleans Saints to take. Many say that Bill Parcells is the only man who is an ideal replacement for Sean Payton and that New Orleans Saints need to get him on their side without any further delay. So will New Orleans Saints will be taking Bill Parcells to coach them in 2012?
Bill Parcells has coached New York Jets in 1999 and he trained them very well. When The New York Jets faced Dallas Cowboys under the coaching of Bill Parcells, New York Jets defense had picked two passes off the Troy Aikman. So, Bill Parcells is one person who is not only experienced in coaching but also has a good credibility and repute. And along with a good coach, New Orleans Saint now needs a good repute as well after the completely immoral season of Sean Payton. When Bill Parcells was coaching the New York Giants he made them go a 9-7 against the Dallas Cowboys. Bill Parcells also had New York Giants make a Six Game win streak against Dallas Cowboys when Bill Parcells was towards the end of his career with the New York Giants.
Bill Parcells is also popular with the senior people of the NFL and is respected for his work. Bill Parcells is experienced with the skill of coaching and knows how to handle and lead teams. Bill Parcells has had an ever lasting impact of the shape of the teams he coached and he has been accredited many times with the success of teams like New York Jets and New York Giants. Jerry Jones who is the owner of Dallas Cowboys also commented tha it will be good to see Bill Parcells in the place of  Sean Payton.
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