Bills are no “runaway train” as they are back on track, Gailey

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Even Chan Gailey and his coaching staff can’t point out what has disturbed the form of Buffalo Bills recently. Nonetheless, what Gailey can confirm is that the Bills are all set to recapture their lost form. As a matter of fact Gailey considers the dilemma to have been resolved already, when a reporter described Bills 3-match losing streak as a runaway train.

On the issue Gailey commented, “A runaway train is 0-8. That’s a runaway train and you’re trying to correct it. This is, we’ve done it. It’s not like we haven’t done it. We’ve got to get our guys back, keep everybody together, keep fighting and keep working. It will not be easy because it is bad right now. It is and I understand that and I see that, and I’m responsible for it. So we’ve got to get it going in the right direction. We’re going the wrong direction on that train, but I don’t think it’s a runaway.”

In spite of what Gailey claims it is jaw-dropping to hear that Bills a team that averaged 37 points per game in the first 3 games of the season has been incapable of mustering such a number in their last 3 games. In fact, the Bills have amassed only 26 points from their last 3 games.

The Bills have indeed lost talismanic players like Roscoe Parrish and Donald Jones (for the second time this season) but shouldn’t have kept them from posting big numbers, or at least fighting numbers on the board. Apparently, Bills productivity in the offensive department is too much dependant on a couple of players, but then again this might be just another excuse.

According to analysts Bills’ receivers are having comparatively difficult time gaining separation which has forced Ryan Fitzpatrick to throw the ball into tighter spots which ultimately increases the risk for turnovers. A perfect picture of this scenario can be witnessed in Bills 35-8 defeat to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

Moreover, the Bills have 9 turnovers including 7 interceptions from just the past 3 weeks. The rest of the two interceptions were off tipped balls against the Dolphins.

Gailey told media that the problem had been recognized from the system and it was now under control. “I think we’re capable of getting open,” said Gailey.”We’re either not separating the way we need to or hitting our spots the way we need to. Maybe we’ve got to come up with some better design to help those guys get open. We were doing it earlier in the year.”

Wide receiver Stevie Johnson added on the issue, “It’s not like we’re running the wrong routes or we’re going out there and not being where Fitz wants us to be. We’re there and we’re just not taking advantage of the opportunities.”

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