Bills fans mock Pats in orange Hernandez jumpsuits

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe majority of Buffalo Bills fans sported blue home uniforms to show support for their team as they hosted the New England Patriots on Sunday. However, a small group of Bills fans took another take on the encounter, conspicuously wearing orange jumpsuits to poke fun at their rivals.
Ten Canadian men, who identified themselves as corrections and police officers, sported the orange prison-like jumpsuits with Hernandez’s name and his former Patriots No. 81 written across the back as they stood in section 102 of Ralph Wilson Stadium Sunday. The men- in-orange posed with Patriots as well as Bills fans alike, and were captured walking to their seats in the photo by decided to upload it up to their Twitter account.
For most of the game the Bills fans in orange jumpsuits could be spotted stop their bleacher seat below O.J. Simpson’s retired No. 32 marker in the team’s ring of honor. The provided an ironic Hernandez presence at the Patriots’ season opener. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady entered the season without his top five targets from last season, which includes the former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez. He currently sits in his solitary cell at the Bristol County House of Correction back in Massachusetts, awaiting trial on murder.
The guys in orange jumpsuits also had a mysterious effect on the usually disappointing Bills offense, as rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel had two touchdowns passes to lead Buffalo 21-17 late in the third quarter against the Patriots. But the Patriots managed to salvage the game with a field goal in the finals second to grind out a 23-21 win Sunday.
Admittedly, with the Hernandez situation, you are walking a fine line between what can be considered appropriate and that which does not qualify as such. Some may object to making joke about someone who allegedly killed several people, considering the horrible and tragic events that took place.
After all, Hernandez was arrested for allegedly orchestrating the murder of Odin Lloyd, a 27-year-old landscaper who played as a linebacker on the Boston Bandits. Hernandez, 23, faces third-degree murder charges five firearm charges.
But this was apparently done as tastefully as possible. And if you’re a Patriots fan, it’s time to accept the fact that this is going to last for a while.  After all it’s in goof fanhood to engage in light ribbing – of the other side. You’d probably think this funny as well if your alliance wasn’t tied to the Patriots.
So, the Bills fans get an “A” for the clever costumes and an “A” for execution.
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