Bills workout five SU draft prospects, including QB Nassib

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The quarterback-needy Buffalo Bills have the benefit of knowing Ryan Nassib a little more intimately ahead of the April’s Draft. Yet the Buffalo Bills can’t seem to gather enough working knowledge of the Syracuse quarterback’s abilities and seem to circle back to organizing a private workout to settle the case.
The Buffalo Bills put together a private workout for Ryan Nassib and four other Syracuse University draft eligible prospects, namely tight end David Stevens, Guard/Center Zack Chibane as well as wide receivers Alec Lemon and Marcus Salaes.
Ryan Nassib is familiar with both Buffalo Bills’ new head coach Dough Marrone and   offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, who used to be his head coach as well as offensive coach and quarterbacks coach respectively.
The Buffalo Bills’ scouting department already spent significant time at the campus during last season and the pre-draft period. They watched Ryan Nassib workout at Senior Bowl in late January had had interviews with the arguably one of the best quarterback prospects in the current NFL draft. The followed the routine into late February’s NFL Combine. And now Sunday’s workout gives them further insight into the quarterback’s workings.
“I know him very well, being together for four years.  I think all the quarterbacks I have seen personally, have the ability to win in this league,” said Dough Marrone last Tuesday. “Each one of them has pluses and minuses when it comes to all the intangibles that people look at when they define what they are looking for in a quarterback.”
““Ryan, like many of the others I have spoken to” added Dough Marrone,” the reason I think they’ll be successful, is because of their work ethic and what they do.”
Dough Marrone highlighted that despite meeting with the players at the NFL Combine and Super Bowl, as well as watching their college tapes over and over again, the private workouts help overcome any hindsight in judgment otherwise taken while analyzing the tapes.
 “The private workouts, you get to look at what you’re not sure about, that you saw on tape,” said Dough Marrone.  “You want to see things that you might not see enough of on tape, so you get a private workout, you can see it and feel good about walking away with it.  That’s the big advantage.”
The 23-year-old Ryan Nassib threw for 9190 yards on 70-touchdowns and 28-interceptions, while starting 38 games in the past four years at the Syracuse University.
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