Birdman Suspended for Game 6

Birdman suspended for Game 6

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Chris Anderson has been suspended for Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals which takes place Saturday evening.  The Miami Heat back-up center has played crucial minutes for the undersized Miami Heat front court, however, the shot blocking Anderson will miss Game 6 after shoving Tyler Hansbrough for no apparent reason.
Anderson was originally fouled by another Pacer, but Hansbrough just happened to be the closest Pacer next to him.  Anderson than proceeded to body-check Hansbrough, upon which a flagrant foul was called.  Fortunately, for Birdman it was only a flagrant one and not a flagrant two.  Therefore, Anderson was allowed to stay in the game.  Unfortunately, for Anderson, after the game was over, the NBA reviewed the flagrant foul again and it has now been issued a suspension.
This is a huge blow to the Heat, since Anderson's field goal percentage is 100% in this series.  That’s right.  Anderson is 15-15 from the field and is averaging 7.2 ppg and 4.6 rpg.  It will now be up to Udonis Haslem and the underachieving Chris Bosh to pick up the slack for what the Birdman was providing.
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Andersen wasn't fouled on the play.  Norris Cole tried to get a foul call by flopping, and Andersen decided to be the "enforcer" and go after the guy he thought "fouled" Cole...but he blindsided Hansborough who was the wrong guy anyway.