Blake Griffins Calls Warriors Cowardly

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Blog Photo - Blake Griffins Calls Warriors Cowardly

The Los Angeles Clippers and the Golden State Warriors have developed a little rivalry over the past few years that has now resulted in some of the most physical games in the NBA. And Christmas Day’s game was no different after the Warriors beat the Clippers 105-103.
During the fourth quarter, Blake Griffin was ejected from the game for his second technical after getting into an altercation with Andrew Bogut. "If you look at it, I didn't do anything, and I got thrown out of the game," Griffin said. "It all boils down to they (the referees) fell for it. To me, that's cowardly. That's cowardly basketball. Instead of just playing straight up and playing a game, it got into something more than that, and it's unfortunate because you want to play a team head-to-head. You don't want to start playing other games and playing cowardly basketball."
Griffin has often been labeled for being a soft player, but whether he is or not, it is becoming increasingly apparent that it is pretty easy to get under his skin. Basketball is not only a physical game, but a mental game, and if you cannot keep your composure well, it will alter the way that you play. For example, for Griffin’s first technical foul, he had to be held back by his own teammates from going after Draymond Green.
Cheap shots and missed calls are a part of the game of basketball. No game will ever be perfectly officiated, so Blake has to play through those mini-injustice encounters if he wants to play at all. Otherwise, Blake is not only going to be labeled as a soft player, but mentally weak one.
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