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A bit of a head scratcher in Las Vegas last night.  I don't exactly know how a team can build a 13-point lead twice in the same game and give it all away both times, but that's exactly what the Portland Pilots did.  Of course, I can easily see from the stat sheet what happened.  Portland just didn't value and protect the ball.  You're not going to win too many games when you have 20 turnovers, but with such big leads in both halves of the game, you have to expect someone on your squad to step up at some point and stop the bleeding.  That's where the real problem was for the Pilots.  No "go to guy" who they could count on to carry them through the rough patches.

I'm doing some serious bleeding myself over the last couple of days, but I know who my "go to guy" is.  It's me.  So. let's get right on stopping this hemorrhage and covering things up.

THE NBA  (0-3 ATS/1-2 SU/2-1 TOTALS last night and 17-17/24-10/13-21 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (0-1 last night and 1-2 so far for the week)
1.  BOBCATS (-200) over Cavs - With 2 teams that look so evenly matched, I won't lay a 2-posssession spread on the 'Cats, but Charlotte has actually learned to turn their gym into a home field advantage.  That should get them through tonight.
2.  Nets (-4, O194) over CELTICS - The side is the play here.  I don't expect the fans in Beantown to be as accommodating to K.G. and Pierce as they were back in late January.  In fact, Garnett even looks to be "out" for this game tonight.  The Nets are rolling right now though, and the Celts?  They're still trying to find their way.  They'll play hard.  They always do, but without Gerald Wallace and Avery Bradley, they just don't match up well with anyone.  Nets 106, CELTICS 94 

Grizzlies   82 Cavs`96   96
BULLS (-2, U181)   97 BOBCATS (-4 1/2, O196 1/2) 105
Kings (+6 1/2, U206)   98 Jazz   93
RAPTORS 104 KNICKS (-7, U197) 100
Pistons 108 Bucks (+7 1/2, U202 1/2)   96
WOLVES (-9 1/2, O217 1/2) 124 PELICANS 103
Blazers 105 Lakers (+9, U227) 114
MAVS (-2 1/2, U216) 109 NUGGETS 110
Pacers   98 Hawks   87
ROCKETS (-3 1/2, O201) 111 WARRIORS (-9 1/2, U211) 111

COLLEGE HOOPS  (11-11 ATS/14-6 SU/17-5 TOTALS last night and 40-44/58-24/50-34 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (1-1 last night and 4-1 so far for the week)
A short schedule tonight before the final storm of the regular season tomorrow.  The only problem is that there's nothing here for tonight that's worth getting serious about.

Kent St. (+6 1/2, U135) 65 W. Michigan 81
AKRON 61 C.  MICHIGAN (+4 1/2, O143 1/2) 77
Houston (+3, U146) 73    
C. FLORIDA                                   70    

What a beautiful day here in God's Country today.  Temps reaching near 60, and this is supposed to be with us for awhile.  It's good to be alive!  Have a great night, be careful out there and I'll talk to you again tomorrow.
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