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Man, This Is Just Too Easy

6/5/08 in Horse Racing   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Big Brown is now endorsed by Hooters. Just leave your jokes below in the comments. [The Sporting Blog]

Yet another reason why Duke sucks. They'll have women's bathroom attendants at football games this year. [Deadspin]

A very good and thorough NBA Finals preview. [Real GM]

Just how bad are the Mariners? As bad as a first year expansion teams. Really. [Enjoy the Enjoyment]

Celebrating the Red Wings. [My Brain Says Rage]

Rick Reilly celebrates his start at ESPN by partying with Chad Johnson, and trashing a blog. [You Been Blinded]

Said trashed blog responds. [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

Here's what happens when a staged wrestling match goes wrong. Utter hilarity. [With Leather]

What if the NBA made flopping a personal foul? Hmmm, I kind of like that idea. [Merkin Sports Blog]

SI forgot to mention some of Phil Mickelson's endorsement money in their recent richest athletes article. [Simon on Sports]
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5/3/09   |   raiders1steve   |   10 respect

i laughed at this post:O)