Blowin' In The Wind

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I probably should have gone ahead and made the move on the Bucks last night, but once again, I was in a spot where I wasn't sure. As you all know by now, if I'm not sure enough that I've got the edge, I'm not going to jump. There are a lot of things that are worse than having some regret for not playing a game that won, and the greatest of those would have to be losing a game that I did get on when the ducks weren't lined up just right.



THE NBA (2-2 last night and 13-4 so far for the week)



SU WINNERS (2-2 last night and 9-7 so far for the week)

BOBCATS, Raptors, BULLS, Lakers, ROCKETS, Nets, SPURS, JAZZ, Suns, Pacers and Thunder



TOTALS (3-1 last night and 10-7 so far for the week)

OVER - Nuggets/ROCKETS (217)

UNDERS - Hawks/BOBCATS (193 1/2), Raptors/HEAT (196), Pistons/BULLS (183), Lakers/GRIZZLIES (188), Nets/WOLVES (187), Hornets/SPURS (192), Wizards/JAZZ (195 1/2), Suns/KINGS (203), Pacers/BLAZERS (183 1/2) and Thunder/WARRIORS (205 1/2)



BUTTA (no play last night and 1-1 so far for the week)

1. BULLS (-260) over Pistons - The Bullies are coming off at (-6) for this game, and my projection isn't reaching that far. The Bulls are starting to put together a little run now, but the Pistons are proving to be a feisty bunch. Detroit has a terrible road record though (4-14), and the Bulls are 9-0 SU over the last 3 seasons against the Pistons. There is one caveat though: If Lu Deng doesn't play tonight, I'm going to be out of this one. BULLS 81, Pistons 77

2. Nets (-240) over WOLVES - I have to give the Wolves a lot of credit. This is a broken down, beat up team, but they continue to compete and play hard. The Nets are rolling along really well right now, and they're extremely healthy, especially in the paint where the Wolves are at their weakest. The only problem is that the Nets are at (-5) right now, and just like with the Bulls above, my numbers aren't lining up well with that. Nets 91, WOLVES 87




1. BOBCATS (+5 1/2) vs. Hawks - The Hawks are another team that's really beat up right now, and I don't expect Jenarro Pargo is going to be able to carry the load forever. BOBCATS 90, Hawks 89

2. Raptors (+10 1/2) at HEAT - I've seen where LeBron is a little under the weather and may sit out tonight's game, and if so, he might be joining Wade at the end of the bench in street clothes because of a problem Wade is having with his foot. The Heat aren't a team that's been all that interested in covering doubles anyway, so if they don't have their big guns blazing, that task might be a little harder for them. Now, I'm not buying this projection, but I'm just sayin'. Raptors 99, HEAT 96

3. Lakers (+4 1/2) at GRIZZLIES - The Lakers are still a mess, but the Griz just seem to grind games out without covering margins. I will say this though: I was all ready to say "Damn the torpedoes!" and go against my numbers with this game, and I still might. Rudy Gay's game has been off a little bit since all this talk surfaced that the Griz needed to get under the luxury tax threshhold, and he was the most likely to go. Memphis made a big deal yesterday that will clear cap space and get them under that threshhold, so while they might have weakened themselves on the bench, I think it's more important for them to have a Rudy Gay who's head is fully on his business. Lakers 94, GRIZZLIES 92

4. Nuggets (+2) at ROCKETS - Things are slowing down a bit for the Rocks after a grueling stretch in the schedule, but this team just turns the ball over too much and plays no defense. The Nugs aren't very good at shooting free throws, and they're nothing special on defense either. I guess we'll find out which weakness trumps the oher. ROCKETS 112, Nuggets 111

5. SPURS (-10 1/2) over Hornets - Even is I was inclined to lay doubles, I doubt that I would with this game. These Stingers are a scrappy squad and usually find a way to keep games close. SPURS 100, Hornets 79

6. JAZZ (-7) over Wizards - We all know the Jazz have enjoyed an incredible home court edge over the years, but the way the Wiz are going since John Wall came back from injury, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see this game end up going right down to the wire. JAZZ 101, Wizards 93

7. Suns (+3) at KINGS - With so many games on the schedule tonight, there's no reason to get too concerned about how this one turns out. Suns 99, KINGS 94

8. Pacers (+1 1/2) at BLAZERS - Portland has a pretty sizable home court advantage as well, but I don't think they're the better team in this matchup. Pacers 83, BLAZERS 82

9. Thunder (-2) over WARRIORS - My concern here is that the Thunder are off a "statement" game last night where they put their boot on the throat of the Clips and wouldn't let them up. I guess it can be said that just about every game the Thunder plays is a statement game as they have a bullseye placed on their back by every opponent they meet, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit if, in their 3rd game in 4 nights (all on the road), the Thunder might be a little flat tonight. Thunder 100, WARRIORS 97



COLLEGE HOOPS (2-1 ATS, 2-1 SU & 1-2 TOTALS last week)

We broke the seal on the 2013 college hoops season on Saturday and then had a break till tonight, but we only have one game to cover tonight. It looks like a good one though as 2 of the better teams from the WAC face off. I won't be making a play, but I really like the way things are laying out for New Mexico St. in the game.



NEW MEXICO ST. (-2, U114) over Denver - AGGIES 55, Pioneers 47



There we go, folks! I just looked at the latest injury news from the NBA, and it appears as though Lu Deng has been downgraded to "expected to miss" tonight's game. If that holds up, that will bury my play on the Bulls tonight, however, I'm not going to fully dismiss the game till I know for sure what's going to happen with Deng. Have a great rest of your day, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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