Blue-chip senior Noah Vonleh reclassifies for 2013 class

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Blue-chip power forward Noah Vonleh has suddenly jumped to the 2013 class list by reclassifying to join college early, and in the process greatly stirring-up things regarding next year’s recruiting process. Noah Vonleh has consequently landed the top 10 prospect of the 2013 senior class after being ranked at No.4 by ESPN for the 2014 recruiting class.
The move is a milestone for the New Hampton School in Haverhill, Mass., senior, who will no longer be ineligible for the McDonald's All American. Had Noah Vonleh opted to stay behind with the 2014 recruiting class, he would have become a fifth year season which would have cost him the post-season All-Star games.
Noah Vonleh is excited about speeding the process by declaring himself prepared for the academic challenges and claiming he has being upping his game to play at college basketball level by 2013.
"I'm ready academically to go back up to 2013. I just have to change an English class and I'll be ready to graduate,” announced Noah Vinleh on Monday. “I'm more mature as a basketball player and as a person.”
Reclassifying has been gradually picking up trend since 2010, with most of the recruits coming in from graduation preparatory program and prep schools of New England.
"From a basketball standpoint, I'm working even harder and I'm ready to go to college,” stated Noah Vonleh. “I have a better understanding of what it takes to be good and be a student of the game."
Blue-chips coach Pete Hutchins acknowledge that Noah Vonleh is making remarkable progress adapting ahead to college requirements by picking up tactics for the game and increasing his knowledge rather than “just always playing it.”
"He's starting to move at a pace that no one has ever seen before," said Pete Hutchins.
Indeed, the recently No.7 ranked Noah Vonleh brings a rare set of skills to the 2013 class, by adding depth at the frontcourt. Most elite college basketball programs will be keeping an eye out for this rare exception in the 2013 class, who can adjust to both small or power forward spots on court. Noah Vonleh also maximizes the advantage apart from his overall skill set, with great height that can benefit in a rebounding game.
So far, Noah Vonleh cited that North Carolina, Indiana and Ohio State have been interested the most in recruiting him.
"I'm going to try and make a list of 10-15 schools,” said Noah Vonleh, “and see what schools have scholarships open for me in 2013 and see who wants to recruit me.”
Noah Vonleh is amongst the set of youngest recruits in the 2013 class. However, senior Jabari Parker, who is also considered as the top-prospect included in the 2013 class, happens to be younger than Noah Vonleh. He lands right between Jabari Parker and Aaron Gordon as the youngest highly-rated players in the 2013 class.
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