Bold Predictions for NBA’s Most Improved Player 2012-2013 season

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While it may be still too early to clearly determine which player has grown the most by the end of the season, I’d say the players had plenty of time to gel with the new rosters and most often catch-on with their teammates after offseason surgery.
Everybody knows that starting smooth and strong builds confidence and a foundation for a long postseason run. That’s why players are usually in top form at the start of the season. Most team’s have already tackled their season-opener and it’s easy to judge from the players’ performance what they have to offer further on in the season and if they have hopes become the next Kevin Love or Tracy McGardy.
There’s plenty of chance for young talent in this NBA and with increased minutes, chemistry building, motivating contracts and natural progression. There are a pocket-full of rising starts in the NBA who promise an exponential maturation of their game this season.
So without further ado, following are the top four Most Improved Players on the list.
Kyrie Irving
Although Kyrie Irving accumulated only a few votes for the 2012-2013 NBA MVP category, he’s got a clear shot at league’s Most Improved Player of the Year title.  Especially, after Kyrie Irving was picked for the All-Star rookie challenge in February.
The 20-year-old Kyrie Irving posted a dominating performance in his sophomore debut in a 94-84 win for the Cleveland Cavaliers season opener. The reigning Rookie of the Year, Kyrie Irving dished out 29 points, six rebounds and three blocks against a John Wall-less Washington Wizards Tuesday night.
James Harden
Shooting guard James Harden has quickly become the focus of the Houston Rockets season after he scored 37 points, a career-best 12 assist, six rebounds, four steals and a block against the Detroit Pistons in his regular season debut.
The Sixth Man of the Year already packed All-Star qualities when the Oklahoma City traded James Harden to the Houston Rockets. The team probably saw James Harden’s Most Improved Player of the Year title coming this year and locked him with a five-year $80 million extension.
Kyle Lowry
The Toronto Raptors acquired Kyle Lowry in the Harden Trade from Houston Rockets in return for a pick now with the Oklahoma City Thunder.
But Kyle Lowry already displayed plenty of star potential with the Houston Rockets over the past two seasons.
And although the Toronto Raptor lost the season opener 90-88 to the Indiana Pacers, Kyle Lowry’s 21 points, eight assist, seven rebounds and five steals debut nearly wiped the smiles off the Eastern Conference contenders.
Nicolas Batum
The 23-year-old Nicolas Batum made a remarkable return on the Portland Trail Blazers’ four-year, $44.6 million investment during the season opener by posting 26 points, six rebounds and three steals in the 116-106 win over the Los Angeles Lakers.
Nicolas Batum’s regular-season debut just settled his much talked-about resourceful talents on the wing but is it enough to land him NBA’s Most Improved Player of the Year title.
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