Bold moves in the Daytona 500

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Daytona 500 is the highly prestigious and one of the most renowned tournaments of Nascar. It is almost as significant to Nascar as the UEFA champions league is to football. However, like so many other games, the general rules for this one remain the same. One man wins and takes home the Harley J. Earl Trophy from the tournament. Others accept defeat but channelize it positively and take home the memories which are actually wonderful considering this year’s Daytona 500.
The highly bold, memorable and influential performance was delivered by Montoya, the driver of the Chevrolet. This was one of those incidents that will be remembered as equally as the winner of the Daytona 500 2012. After stopping at a pit stop during the race, Montoya came back on the track but still had the feeling that something is wrong at the other end of the track but he kept driving swiftly towards it and suddenly he bumped into the truck carrying fuel and jet dryers. It was not an ordinary bump since the car caught fire and the race came to a halt for the next two hours. It was confirmed that such an accident will prove to be fatal but surprisingly, both Montoya and the truck driver survived. This is one of the oddest, dangerous and absurd incidents in the history of Nascar.
Apart from the famous celebrities who are likely to illustrate boldness, the cleanup crew for Daytona 500 has proved to be highly valuable. After the accident of Montoya, the cleanup crew took two hours to get the track ready. That’s when the Tide effect comes into play. The crew scrubbed the place and repaired the track in such a way that it became safer for the racers. The event was also well choreographed.
One of the boldest acts was also carried out by one of the racers. Brad was the one who became the first one ever to involve a social networking site in the game. During the two hour break, he tweeted about the game which received an overwhelming response and followed tremendously, thus establishing a strong connection between the fans and Nascar.
Trevor Bayne was the astonishing winner for the 53rd Daytona 500 American race but this time, despite his high spirits and a strong vehicle, ended up in a crash on the completion of 164 laps and ended as 35th.  
The fans are also another bold asset of this game who are not celebrated as individuals. However, fans kept this saga going, despite a ton of problems that was encountered by the tournament. This tournament also got a seriously long postponement due to the rain and the mess but still the spirits of the fans did not sway as they kept the place jam packed and endured through all the problems in high spirits. 
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