Boston Bruins may be interested in Flyers defenseman Andrej Meszaros

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsIn any sport, the trade deadline brings sudden changes and heightened levels of activity within franchises. The teams suddenly become active and start to analyze themselves. They make a sharp evaluation of the players in their roster and make decisions about how they will and with who they will play the remainder of the season.
There are teams that decided that they are going for it all and gamble all their chips for that season. They look at expensive additions that in their view would complete them and make them viable contenders for the Stanley Cup. Then there are other teams who make the decision to just go with the flow of the season and instead add depth and more talent that will mature in the coming years and make them stronger in the longer run and give them more shots at the title.
All teams in the NHL are for now engrossed in trade rumors and news coming in is fast and different. The Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers are both busy too, and are predicted to be solid contenders. They have teams that have strong balance combined with talent to boast. Nevertheless, there is always something missing and in fact both could use some trades that would add some depth in their roster.
The Bruins have their star defenseman Dennis Seidenberg injured as he sustained a torn MCL and ACL in December. They are on the lookout to get a player to play in his place and the Flyers on the other hand need to clean up and get some salary load off with Andrej Meszaros, whose contract is coming to an end. For both the teams, this is a mutually beneficial opportunity.
The Flyers will benefit from getting some salary cleared off and the Bruins will get a player that closely matches the things that they are looking for in a player that will replace Seidenberg.
For now there have not been talks on that issue so there is no confirmed way of saying what would be the right price to ask of Meszaros but speaking from an ordinary perspective that cannot be out of the range of Bruins. Which means that Bruins have a good trade opportunity at their hands and the Flyer have something to offer, which will make the trade very likely.
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